ReSkills EdTech Sdn Bhd

Reskills is an Online Learning Management System on mobile app and website where subscriber enjoys unlimited OnLive learning and video classes with very affordable monthly subscription through our OnLive impactful and transformational learning methodology.

Reskills Online Learning Management System is an education technology platform to link learners and students to trainers and coaches. Collaborating with academic institutions and professional trainers/coaches from multiple fields, Reskills offers the registered subscribers:

  • Scheduled Livestream Classes
  • On-Demand Course Series
  • Job Ready Professional Courses
  • College University Program

The Global Demand for EduTech Arises

The COVID-19 Pandemic has driven a new norm in the education industry where the importance of Education Technology is accelerating. CAGR of EduTech was projected at 16.3% after 2022, where workers, students and parents will all be looking for learning support, upskilling through online learning. It is forecasted that there will be 2 billion learners entering the secondary and post-secondary education market worldwide.

Internet and online based education platform, is on the demand to serve the global needs. Survey shows that learners prefer and learn better from instructor-led live sessions as compared to static videos.

Reskills Online Learning Management System enables learners to enjoy interactive OnLive learning, following the lead of professional trainers and instructors.

Project Result(s) / Impact(s)

Launched in October 2020, with intensive marketing through social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Reskills has gained acceptance with receptive responses, and accumulated more than 54,000 users on our system within 9 months.

In 9-months-time, ReSkills has delivered 170 live classes, transacted more than 700 learning hours in four languages, empowered more than tens of thousands of learners, and is ready to make a bigger impact to more lives.

Recently, ReSkills had added trainers from Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines and Thailand into their pool of content creators and subject-matter experts.

Reskills is hitting the correct timing to penetrate the Malaysian market and serve the needs of the learning community as:

  1. Consumer are hungry for online self-development
  2. Government is giving incentives for online education and upskilling
  3. Corporations are migrating their technical and soft-skills training to online mode
  4. Schools are delivering more and more modules through online mode
  5. Reskills is a HRDF Service Provider and qualified corporates that send their employees for the courses are entitled to claim their training expenses

The tagline for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) is “Leaving No One Behind.” Please explain how the nominated project helps to realize and advance the commitment of UNSDGs for the future. Highlight any other SDG(s) that your project has directly or indirectly created positive impact to people and society

Commit to Advance SDG 9: “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure”

We strongly believe in pursuing technological innovation to best serve the learning community, and we commit to build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.

Organizing real-time, interactive Live online courses 365 days a year seemed like a technologically impossible task, but we adamantly stood by our core beliefs and we made it happen. To achieve this, we innovated by blending new in-house streaming technologies and existing social media / conferencing platforms to ensure our learners had reliable access to our expert coaches.

With “ReSkills Online Learning Management System”, we are empowered to advance the SDG indicators of:

Target 9.1: Develop sustainable resilient and inclusive infrastructures. We pursue to support economic development and human well-being, with a focus on affordable and equitable access education platform for all.

Target 9.2: Promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation. We endeavour to raise the access of learning for all levels of learners in the community, promote the development on manpower skills and knowledge.

Target 9.4. Upgrade all industries and infrastructures for sustainability. We assist the program development for trainers and coaches from all fields, despite how minor their scale.

Adhere UNSDG tagline “Leave No One Behind”

ReSkills was built on the belief that every person should have access to quality education and equal opportunity. In this regard, our mission and actions are truly aligned with UNSDG’s tagline, “Leaving No One Behind”.

ReSkills is free-to-use for underprivileged learners who fulfil our selection criteria. We believe by empowering the personal and professional development of these learners, the benefit they bring to the community as a whole is immense.

Embrace SDG10: “Reduced Inequalities”

One of our proudest achievements is that we have courses specifically designed for the hearing-impaired community. These classes are delivered in sign language, led by experts who are also hearing-impaired. Every week, hundreds attend these classes and the community is growing rapidly.

Embrace SDG4: “Quality Education”

With an innovative infrastructure system to provide interactive, real-time training and personal development courses, we believe that learning should be a two- way, interactive process where learners should be allowed to clarify, question or even challenge our expert instructors. Learners are best served with direct access to interaction with our coaches. This approach makes for truly customized and user-centric teaching.

Embrace SDG 3: “Good Health and Well-Being”

At the time of writing, Malaysia has just concluded its 520th day of a government- imposed lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The mental and emotional stress is intense, with thousands losing their jobs and many resorting to suicide out of hunger and desperation.

To address this, in the past months, we have put the spotlight on training courses revolving around physical, mental and emotional health and well-being. We have also made ReSkills free for anyone requiring this type of support in these challenging times. Thousands have attended our health and well-being courses, and the overwhelmingly positive feedback on how we have made a difference in their lives is truly heartening.

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