Judging Guideline

Entries are judged under three sections namely project background, project impact and project sustainability. Judging is done by independent panel of judges who commit their time voluntarily. Winners are only announced during Grand Award Ceremony.

1) Project Background

  • Detailed and clear project description.
  • Positive measurable outcome from the project result.
  • Evidence of 3rd party coverage of the project.
  • Evidence of no of participants.
  • Structured project planning method implemented.
  • Project that involved variety of races/ages/nationalities which promote cultural diversity should be given bonus points.

2) Project Impact

  • Project must have minimum 100 participants and organizing team (mixed). This can be achieved from series of project (eg project repeated monthly) or each time have min 100 pax.
  • Long term measurable impact of the project to the nation
  • Recognition of the project from 3rd party (e.g. media, govt agency, partner, etc)Section 3 : Project Sustainability (40%)

3) Project Sustainability

  • Project that has a variety of partners from various sectors of society
  • Project should be ongoing
  • Project showed clear action and results in realizing the specific SDGs
  • Project should be continuous (verification can be done for this with the partner/recipient)
  • Good analysis on areas for improvement.
  • Project that directly/indirectly created positive impact as a whole that supports the tagline “Leaving No One Behind”.