Nomination Rules

Nomination Criteria

  • Recognize sustainable projects conducted by companies and organisations/associations that advance any of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).
  • Award entry is open to all types of companies, corporation, Micro, Partnership, SMEs, MNCs, GLCs and NGOs, NPOs, University Groups
  • Projects eligible are SDGs related projects that are done as a CSR initiative of the company or the organisation main focus.
  • The project should be conducted by the company staff/volunteer itself.
  • The project conducted by the company or organisation must be continuous and sustainable, not a once-off or seasonal affair (e.g. only do during festivals).
  • Project submitted must be linked to one or few specific SDGs.
  • Project submitted can be self funded or funded externally, regardless of amount.
  • The Company/Organisation must be registered and valid under ROC / ROS / ROY minimum 1 year, not bankrupt, and does not have any legal suit/reputation that may impair the image of this award program. For University category, proof of affiliation to the university is needed.

Submission Guidelines


Category 1: Private company or Corporation or Foundation RM 1,200 per nomination
Category 2: NGOs, Association & Government Agency RM 700 per nomination

You can submit more than one nomination.

Payment Details:

Beneficiary Bank: RHB Bank Berhad
Account No: 21222800050875
Beneficiary Name: Junior Chamber International Bandar Klang

Supporting Document: 

Please submit the supporting documents:

  1. Project Photos (max 10 photos)
  2. Video (Highlight of the video not more than 2mins.)
  3. Press coverage on the project in magazine/newspaper and any other relevant supporting documents (max 10 docs)
  4. ROY/ROS/ROC certificate
  5. Company/NGO’s Logo