Frequently Asked Questions

Entries are judged under three sections namely project background, project impact
and project sustainability.  You can refer to the judging guideline at Judging Guideline Page

Each company/ organisation/ association may submit multiple categories as long as project submitted is linked to one or few specific SDGs.
17-SDG 2030Goal

There will be shortlisted 40 impactful projects as finalist and 17 award winners from the finalists. There will be 1 additional award for most outstanding project among the 17 award winners.

The 17 winners – is it present by every category? One category per winner?
The winners could be from any of the 17 SDGs categories. All the finalist and award winners selected base on the highest score out of the total submissions.
40 JCIM SDA Finalist
The 40 highest scoring projects out of all the submission entries.
17 JCIM SDA Winners
Highest 17 projects submission score from the Top 40 JCIM SDA finalist

Every winner will receive a customised trophy and certificate. Winners/finalists will receive invitations to join future JCI events as speakers or participants.

All entries are to be submitted online through nomination form. The 2024 nomination period is open for entry up to 15 June 2024.

Yes, we collect a minimal fee for administration, campaign to get awareness of SDGs, as well as grand award ceremony ticket as follows:
Company/Corporate: RM1200
NGO/Government Association: RM700
Each nominee will receive 1 ticket to attend the Finalists Revealing Press Conference and Grand Award Ceremony.
Also See: Nomination

The submissions will be audited and be reviewed by the judging panel, the date will be announced by the hosting organization.