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Spreading Love Through Education (SLTE) is a flagship project that formed to (CREATE OPPORTUNITIES) and promote (EQUALITIES) to enlighten the children that are categories under (B40 – BELOW 40%) which the total income of the whole family is not more than RM2,000. It started off with a series of surveys, which the team visited (429 FAMILIES) from different background and races, in George Town area to uncover the impoverished and grasp the actual circumstances of theirs. It organizes once in two-months in order to reduce their burden and most importantly increases their self-confidence level. Till now, the hair cut session has helped a total of 639 people to build their self-confidence. The (SUSTAINABLE) vision of SLTE is to be the first projects that being brought to the whole Malaysia and create the (OPPORTUNITIES) for the B40 category families and (EMPOWER) them to be better. Therefore, SLTE project is building its strong base in George Town, Penang in order to go further to other states of Malaysia with confidence, and then only it will be sustainable and continuous creating (IMPACT) to the community.


With the vivid yet quality teaching style, Spreading Love Through Education has triggered students’ interest towards studies. The best proofs of their interest are their attendance and their official results. Other than that, Spreading Love Through Education has applied JCI Active Citizen Framework to advance the project. SLTE team has evaluated the project result by getting feedback from the students as well as their parents. Surprisingly, 100% of the students love the study environment, in other words, they do not discriminate the other students from different races or in different skin colors. Result wise, with all the (COLLABORATION) education partners that provide teaching training plus the students’ interest towards studies being triggered, 75% of the students’ results are improved significantly, in the meantime, from the teachers’ feedback, 70% of the students are getting more interest in studying compared to then. Further , the project, Spreading Love Through Education has successfully reduced 30% of their playing time without learning anything. This is not only improving their learning ability but also helping in (PROMOTING CHILD PROTECTION POLICY).


In the latest report, Spreading Love Through Education has successfully total of RM 552,000 tuition fees and RM 28,755 personal image fees from B40 families. Regardless the skin color, children have started to playing around together; they do not care of what background they are from, which can be seen the future of Malaysia is better without the religious or races barrier. Through the tuition program, we have reduce 30% of their hanging time that absolutely doing nothing and getting them to study, which surprisingly that 70% of the children are getting more interest to study after the program. At the meantime, SLTE project has reduced the child labor issue from 20% to 10%, and it is believed to reduce more in coming.


Spreading Love Through Education has helped to advance the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals no.10 for helping B40 families in saving up to 15% of their income monthly, which they are able to spend it on their household expenditure in order to improve their (QUALITY OF LIFE). Even, this is indirectly promoting the economic equality. To ensure the (EQUALITY OPPORTUNITY) is given to the families, the tuition centers of Spreading Love Through Education does not separate the students by their religions, races and sex. All students are (TREATED EQUALLY) under the same education system, same opportunity as well as the same environment. Not only the tuition centers are promoting equality, but the side program of Spreading Love Through Education is practicing the UNSDG no.10 as well. All races and religious are welcome to have the free haircut and (LEAVING NO ONE BEHIND) the program. The main objective of tuition centers and side program – haircut, is to (REDUCE INEQUALITIES) in this multiracial country – Malaysia.


Spreading Love Through Education is a potential project that could extend further in advancing the community even helps in developing the nation. In current circumstances, Spreading Love Through Education is not helping much in income growth, however, it provides external sources that helps to improve the community (QUALITY OF LIFE) as well as (REDUCE INEQUALITIES) among the society including races, gender, religion and etc. Therefore, in the future plan, it is aimed to help to increase the community income growth, meanwhile, with the extra advantages that given from Spreading Love Through Education to the community, it will not be only to reduce inequalities, but also improving the B40 community quality of life. (LEAVING NO ONE BEHIND) has always been the purpose of Spreading Love Through Education as the project is helping the vulnerable and underprivileged, whose families have almost been left out in the society, to improve their quality life. To help the nation in developing the country, Spreading Love Through Education is now in the position of practicing (LEAVING NO ONE BEHIND) and assisting the country to take care of the B40 families, which have always been left out by the country. Therefore, the very first steps is to (REDUCE INEQUALITIES) in the society, and pull back the gap between the poor and the rich. Until the gap is closer, the country will be moving further and further.

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