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The programme “A Roof Overhead for The Underprivileged” was initiated in October 2019 by Homevest Sdn Bhd (then KYY Empire Sdn Bhd).

The campaign started with supporting the single mother community. Based on reports, Homevest were made aware of the big gap of inequality in Malaysia the underprivileged, especially in their income and access to opportunities. With the economic situation of the country slowing down as a result of the pandemic which began in 2019, it was observed that there was a huge increase in unemployment in the community.

During the pandemic, many people lost their job due to the closure of businesses. These underprivileged sought for assistance by reaching out to charity organisations to request for assistance. Their plea reached Homevest because we are collaborating with the organisations to offer support to the underprivileged.

As a company that is an active CSR campaign, Homevest decided to reach out to provide them with much-needed shelter and assistance during the pandemic. Subsequently, Homevest supported the frontliners, tenants and many others in need in the form of rental subsidies, free shelters and education needs.

Project Result(s) / Impact(s) 

From October 2019 to date, we have interviewed 1,368 women who stand to benefit from the campaign. A total of 100 single mother families, assisting over 300 family members have benefitted from this programme. Homevest’s employees and NGO partners visit them regularly to ensure their well-being and how they are doing in the homes.

In 2020, Homevest offered 15-20% rental subsidies to over 1,500 existing tenants and 2 months’ free rental subsidy to existing tenants and new tenants. A total of RM500,000 rent relief was being offered during this CSR initiatives to help relieve their financial worries during pandemic. In addition, Homevest has provided 150 accommodations available to over 50 frontliners serving at designated Covid-19 hospitals.

This year, Homevest and its partners launched “Register for Vaccine, Get 1 Month Free Room Rental Subsidies” Campaign to encourage public to participate in the government’s vaccination programme. The campaign has received over 500 enquiries.

With such assistance, the underprivileged community could live worry-free and rent-free with a roof overhead while they searched for suitable jobs or improve their financial to support their family. The families moved into furnished homes with utilities and Wi-Fi covered provided

The beneficiaries of this programme were immensely grateful for the assistance received. They promised to work hard to look for suitable employment while learning new skills to sustain themselves.

The tagline for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) is “Leaving No One Behind.” Please explain how the nominated project helps to realize and advance the commitment of UNSDGs for the future. Highlight any other SDG(s) that your project has directly or indirectly created positive impact to people and society 

SDG Goal 10: Reduce Inequalities

More than just gender inequality, income inequality and work discrimination also exist in the various strata of society. In the lower levels of society (the bottom 40 per cent of the population) lack or loss of income affects everything including the family’s access to basic healthcare and education.

The key challenges faced by underprivileged are having to work hard to earn a living and obtaining more opportunities for themselves and their children. Not to mention, this group is also vulnerable to healthcare challenges, social injustices and economic disparity.

By providing free accommodation to the underprivileged, Homevest relieves their financial burdens so they may focus on upgrading themselves or improving their home and financial situation for the future. Rental of a home is one of the main expenses for a growing family, and the money previously used for rent could now be channelled towards acquiring educational resources, meals, or tools to upskill themselves in preparation of the future.

The Homevest team is committed to helping these underprivileged become more independent by starting their own business and being self-sustainable. As such, the project empowers the single women and the underprivileged by progressively helping them to grow their income through both employment and business.

SDG Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being

The campaign touches on the very core of society and economic disadvantage faced by the underprivileged and their families.

Acknowledging the importance of the family unit in establishing the fabric of society, contributing to underprivileged addresses the inequality, social and economic challenges faced by single parent families and other underprivileged. By moving the underprivileged and especially the single mothers into homes that provide safety, accessibility and comfort, the entire family benefits from it, including the children. This improves and upgrades their Health and Well-beings, thereby directly impacting their educational ability, ability to earn an income and access to urban facilities.

SDG Goal 4: Quality Education

Homevest understands that having a Quality Education would be the key to improve the underprivileged’s living standards. Hence the team provided professional classes to equip the underprivileged with additional skills so they could supplement their income. A variety of classes were given such as baking, sewing, hard crafts and so on to ensure the underprivileged has the knowledge to start their own business.

SDG Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Homevest manages properties that are located in urban areas with has great access to public facilities. Relocating the underprivileged into these condominiums provides them with a view of how life could be lived in a safe urban housing environment.

By providing a housing that is safe, resilient, sustainable and away from natural disasters, the underprivileged would be inspired to strive towards upgrading their economic situation so they could gain access to more similar opportunities.

Statistics show that the members of population who live in well-planned housing with sufficient access to facilities can lead their lives in a healthier and more wholesome manner. The public and private urban facilities around them support their personal, health or life goals. Homevest is here to assist them to be part of the community.

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