Pusat Bimbingan Alternatif Grace

The project titled “Give Every Child a Chance to Life” aims to tackle the issue of undocumented children in Sabah, particularly those estimated to number over half a million. It calls for a comprehensive investigation led by the Home Ministry to find a solution to this long-standing problem that has persisted since the country’s independence. These undocumented children often face unfortunate circumstances, with their local parents neglecting to register their births under the assumption that birth certificates are unnecessary. Not all undocumented children are offspring of illegal immigrants, as late birth registration also contributes to their undocumented status. Without proper documentation, these children face significant limitations in their ability to participate in society. The project recognizes the importance of education in addressing this issue. Undocumented children deserve the opportunity to learn life lessons, values, and discipline through educational opportunities. These children are an integral part of the local community, particularly those born and raised in Tawau. It is the collective responsibility of the community to provide them with educational opportunities. While the government seeks long-term solutions, immediate focus should be on ensuring that these children can access education, given their inability to return to their countries of origin. Pusat Bimbingan Alternatif Grace, the only registered school in Malaysia that accepts undocumented children, has made significant efforts in this regard. The project aims to support the center’s initiatives by raising funds through charity events and donations. A recent Charity Dinner successfully raised RM1.5 million, which will be used to expand the school’s facilities. Established in 2010 by the Calvary Love Foundation, the Grace Training Centre aligns with the project’s vision of providing educational opportunities to undocumented children. The project aims to create a brighter future for these vulnerable individuals, empowering them to become active contributors to society.

Project Results / Impact on Stakeholder

The project has significant outcomes and impacts on various stakeholders. The project benefits undocumented children in Sabah by increasing their access to education, employment, and necessary documentation. It fosters inclusivity and social cohesion in local communities while reducing the likelihood of these children engaging in criminal activities. Pusat Bimbingan Alternatif Grace receives substantial support, improving its facilities and positively impacting more children. The project provides valuable insights to the government, aiding in the development of effective policies to safeguard the rights of undocumented children. Overall, it empowers children, strengthens communities, supports the school, and informs government decision-making.

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