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The “SDGs Superheroes” program, spearheaded by Artivo Education Sdn.Bhd. (“ARTIVO”) in collaboration with Universiti Sains Malaysia, is an innovative and engaging initiative designed to educate children about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs). The program aims to inspire young minds, empowering them to become superheroes for a sustainable future.

At the core of the program is the comic book “Game On: How to be a Super Hero and Save the world through SDGs,” published by ARTIVO in July 2021. This captivating comic book serves as an educational tool, introducing children to the SDGs in an accessible and exciting format. Through immersive storytelling, vibrant illustrations, and relatable characters, children are taken on an adventure that spans the globe, learning about the 17SDGs and their significance.

The “SDGs Superheroes” program goes beyond mere knowledge dissemination; it actively encourages children to participate and make a difference. Each child is tasked with a mission to share their newfound SDG knowledge with at least 20 people, fostering awareness and inspiring action.

To ensure widespread distribution, 10,000 copies of the comic book have been published. These books will be strategically placed at “transformation stations” in Malaysia and Internationally. The comic can be accessed online via web-portal and bookstores. It is expected to create impact for over 100,000 children. 

  • 50 Schools (especially for B40 group)
  • 100 Orphanage Homes
  • 50 Children Learning Centres
  • National Libraries
  • Universities

To amplify the program’s impact, interactive workshops and events are organized in collaboration with local communities and partner organizations. These hands-on activities will allow children to actively participate in SDG-related projects, fostering a deeper understanding and commitment to sustainable development. Through their actions, these SDGs superheroes will shape communities and contribute to the achievement of the global goals, creating a better world for themselves and future generations.

Project Results / Impact on Stakeholder

1)Interactive Workshops

SDGs Superhero Team has visited to 61 transformation stations: –

  • 20 Schools & 29 Children Learning Centres

  We hosted interactive workshops with over 17,450 children and they are given a mission to share the SDGs knowledge to at least 20 people. By fostering a sense of responsibility and agency, children are becoming active contributors to achieving the SDGs.

  •   15 Orphanage Homes

ARTIVO exhibited more than 2,000superheroes’ masterpieces at KL Performing Art Center, White Box Publika, Jabatan Kebudayaan & Kesenian Sabah and Leisure Mall involving 60,000 parents, children and visitors.

  • 4 National Libraries & 2 Universities

The comics are also accessible at national libraries, school libraries, universities and web-portal which is expected to reach more than 50k lives.

 2)Worldwide distribution to:


3)Online exposure

An interactive 7-day Online Education Week was conducted in May 2022, involving 14,000 students, parents and educators. The week featured story-telling, talks, exhibition and games on different topic.

iii)          Press Media & Social Media Coverage

The programme feedback was positive and overwhelming, it was publicized on SDGs Superhero and Artivo Malaysia’s facebook page, as well as NGO partners’ websites and press media since April 2022. 

Link to Website / Social Media / Blogs

Facebook Page

Youtube Channel

SDGs Superhero Facebook

ARTIVO Malaysia Facebook Page

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