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Developed 50 years ago in three phases during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, Kenyalang Park was a major affordable public housing development endeavor. In December 2019, Kuching City South Council undertook an urban rejuvenation project, which involved the upgrading of 3 key sites that characterizes Kenyalang Park – its traffic garden, recreation garden and green open spaces.

The rejuvenation of Kenyalang Park involves the following project works:

1) Provide cohesive open spaces with removal of unnecessary fencing, introduction of connectors (pergola) and inclusion of open spaces into a larger park system.

2)  Improve pedestrian network system with introduction of entrance pavilions, pedestrian bridge; integrate existing footpaths and increase connectivity beyond the site.

3) Enhance space usage pattern with provision of open spaces for public and local community activities, play area featuring a playground and play structures, open ground for active usage and soft landscape (vegetable garden strip, local fruit orchard) for passive usage, and introduction of an urban farming center.

4) Upgrade existing facilities and amenities, such as revamped modern toilet to complement a new drop-off point and featuring a rooftop greenhouse for hydroponic farming as part of the urban farming center, and provision of shaded areas for storage and preparation of composts to promote organic farming.

Project Results / Impact on Stakeholder

The upgrading of Traffic Garden, Recreation Garden and Open Spaces at Kenyalang Park, was completed in December 2021. Through the rejuvenation project, the local community is empowered to integrate and revitalize existing parks and network of green open spaces, in addition to improving connectivity and conditions of the public facilities and amenities.

This rejuvenation project incorporates several eco-friendly and sustainable design elements, such as the new urban farming center that includes a rooftop greenhouse for hydroponic farming and the use of compost for organic farming in the near future.

As part of the transformation of Kenyalang Park, the public toilet building block is revamped using the De Stijl design concept. This concept is a Dutch Art Movement featuring abstract simple geometric shapes and bold primary colors. Aptly called the Kenyalang De Stijl Toilet, it is one of the first public toilets in Sarawak to adopt an eye-catching theme with an underlying educational experience and the incorporation of a smart lighting system.

On 3 April 2022, the Traffic Garden at Kenyalang Park was lighted up with a special art installation project, called “Rainbow Ribbon” which is an extension of the Cultural Economy Development (CENDANA)’s yearly marquee event: Art in the City.

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