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The main objective of “Back to School – Make A Wish” is to help address the basic needs of the poor students and empower them to achieve their dreams and also to ensure equal access to education, regardless of financial situation, races or place of origin, where more than 500 students coming from SJKC, SJKT and Sekolah Kebangsaan in Melaka are benefited.

Not just sponsoring uniform, bag, shoes and other necessities, all benefited students are entitled to make a wish for their educational dreams in order to empower them to envision a better future for themselves.

Financial barriers are often factor that hinder their educational progress, which limit their participation and opportunities. By providing financial support of their annual fee, we ensure that these students have an equal chance to engaged in a dance course, robotic course, taekwondo, calligraphy. singing class, drawing class or even tuition for the enhancement in a holistic education. This support allows them to participate fully in their academic pursuits and explore their talents and interest through extracurricular activities, which helps to reduce disparities in educational experiences.

The ultimate aim is to reduce inequalities, promote inclusivity and equal opportunities for all students, regardless of socio-economic, religious or racial background. We believe that Education equips individuals with the tools to advocate for their rights, break down barriers and access better opportunities.

The success of this project does not only break the cycle of poverty (Goal 1) and reduced inequalities (Goal 10), but what makes the project meaningful is that it inspire the students to reach their full potential.

In order to successfully implement the project, collaboration with various stakeholders such as schools, local government bodies, NGOs, and businesses is crucial. This multi-sectoral approach brings together different actors who contributed their resources, expertise,

Project Results / Impact on Stakeholder

The project have created positive impact to each and every stakeholder in the following ways:-

JCI Malacca City Entrepreneur & other NGOs

  1. enhanced visibility and reputation – attract new members, sponsors, partnership
  2. skill development – opportunities to provide leadership, project management, teamwork and communication skills
  3. network expansion – new network with NGOs, Government Authority

School & Union of Head Master

  1. provide transparency and fairness – involvement of own headmaster in identifying the most needed students help reduce the root cause of poverty issues
  2. strengthened school community relationship – open up avenue for more entity to work with school to benefit students in long terms

Government Authority

  1. improved public perception – positive perception on the government’s commitment to education and welfare of students
  2. potential policy impact – the outcome of the project can be used as reference for future government policies or initiatives related to education.

Co-curriculum Classes

  1. sense of cultural inheritance – the Project supported students with full talent or interest to join their favourite co-curriculum class which in turn successfully promote a cultural inheritance (e.g. calligraphy, taekwondo, daibolo, etc.)

Corporate Sponsors

  1. Enhanced Corporate Social Responsibility
  2. Employee involved in allocating school neccessities to students feel sense of pride with company

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