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Green Buddy serves people and Mother nature for a better future through active green movement, innovative and environmentally friendly product. Sabah is a remarkable jewel in Malaysia, however it is undeniable that this state is under threat and one of those scourges is plastic pollution. Plastic waste has become a major problem in Malaysia where it has been ranked as 8th among the top ten countries with mismanaged plastic waste in the world in 2010.

Malaysia seriously has a huge problem with plastic waste. Although quantitative data is lacking on the exact amount of physical waste in Sabah, this problem is apparent in many places. We often see empty plastic cups, plastic straws, plastic lids, empty water bottles on the roadsides, seashores and dumpsites. Plastic waste is a serious environmental threat. It is composed of major toxic pollutants and has the potential to cause great harm to the environment in the form of air, water and land pollution which will be affecting human life as a whole.

When the public lacks the concern in managing waste properly, this is where we see the importance of joint effort to spread and advocate on Environment protection education as well as promoting the green movement in all levels of society. However, we understand that it is impossible to fulfill this noble cause alone, which has become the main reason we strived to create a greater earth through the partnership and collaboration with various group as well as the public to create the positive change in people life by supporting green lifestyle. By creating a partnership with various group and community, this program are expected to develop public opinion and create pressure to the community to be more conscious on environment issue and toward environment and finally resulting in minimising ecological harm.

Project Results / Impact on Stakeholder

Green Buddy movement was started in 2016 focused on 2 employees as the first step in spreading the positive change of green lifestyle in hope that the employee will share the values to their respective family members and the chain will be further spread to their personal network, and today in 2023 our employee that has been dedicated as green ambassador has multiplied to 24 persons.

Apart from spreading the positive vibe of green lifestyle through personal change, green buddy has conducted a minimum of 30 awareness talk and over 70 roadshows in various school and location since 2016. This effort to create awareness for environment conscious has currently inspired more than 50000 people locally resulted higher demand of eco-friendly product in local market as people start to understand its importance.

To provide the platform to promote environment protection, we also organising consistent clean-up activities starting with our own team member and their family. Today, we are proud to collaborate with various group as well as the public and manage to collect more than 30 tonnes of physical waste.

In term of Brand Awareness, Green Buddy movement on social media has reach out 190k people in span of 4 years.

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