Youth Development Program

Our programme will set disadvantaged youths on the path to success in the culinary arts. Be it housing, personal development or career development, we seek to provide a holistic, nourishing environment, just as we do for our Big Onion staff. Once training is complete, we will welcome these new professionals into our family, or gladly see them placed in suitable employment with other companies. Our mission is to help, to make a difference in the most practical and concrete way we can. We welcomed disadvantaged youths who have desire in culinary arts to Big Onion family. What we do today will affect the youth’s future, their family, children, future of our friends and our world.

With this Youth Development Program, the employees’ satisfaction has increased and they felt much better in their jobs. They no longer focused just on the perks but also started to take measures toward social responsibility. We also want to reduce the unemployment rate, to create career pathways and to redesign jobs with key industry trends. Most importantly, this program will benefit the disadvantaged youth with the culinary skills that enable them to live a better life.

This project was initiated by the management of Big Onion and thus, the organizing committees are the key persons. However, we do engage certified trainer to equip the participants with more related knowledge. In line with our program’s mission, Big Onion has also participated in the Productivity Nexus of Retail and F&B which was announced by YAB Prime Minister in May 2017 with the objectives of professionalizing and upskilling / reskilling of workforce, as well as in supporting of government initiatives to improve individual productivity

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