Neubodi has been on a mission to make women feel confident since year 2008. With an extensive range of brassieres from band sizes 65 to 100, and cup sizes A to I, we are a lingerie brand that represents an effortless body transformation by providing the right fit of beauty and confidence for every modern-day woman.

True to our brand motto “Every woman deserves the right bra”, we aim to serve you with an impeccable fit. Our speciality stores are equipped with a team of professional bra fitters that aim to inspire inner confidence, and to perfectly fit every woman with the right size, cup and design. We are also the only brand nationwide that practices the holistic bra fitting technique, which is a unique hand-measuring technique to select the perfect bra size in accordance to a customer’s body shape, height, build and breast shape.

Up-to-date, Neubodi owns 11 stores nationwide. All our lingerie pieces are hand-designed by Neubodi to work miracles in transforming the female figure and confidence. Our technical teamwork on all technical aspects of the product journey from sketch to finished products. Aside from bras, we also provide a comprehensive range of intimate apparel including brassieres, panties, sleepwear, body shapers, sportswear and accessories. Head over to Neubodi for a personalized fitting solution today: We are confident that there will be no better lingerie for your body.

Project Title:
Neubodi Bra Drive

While 1 in 4 women in Malaysia confessed to owning more than 10 bras in their wardrobe, 86% of the bras kept are either poorly fitted or stretched out. Only 15% of women recycle or donate them. The rest – goes into landfills, giving textiles one of the poorest recycling rates of any reusable materials. Held through September till November annually, Neubodi Bra Drive is a campaign founded in year 2013 with an aim of collecting second-hand bras from women nationwide for recycling purposes. The second-hand bras collected are siphoned out accordingly. The good bras go to rural areas in East Malaysia, as well as to
third world countries such as Africa and Nepal. The unusable bras then, goes to Neubodi partnered recycling company where they will be recycled into fibres or fuel to power cement kilns and industrial boilers.

  1. Over a span of 6 years, Neubodi has recycled over 100,000 bras and supported over 6 non-profit organisations. The bras which are deemed reusable are donated over to non-profit organisations across the world who support and aid underprivileged women in need.
  2. The bras deemed unusable then, for metal underwire will be sent to a metal recycling partner. The textile parts will be recycled into fibres or bio-fuel to power cement kilns and industrial boilers. Over the years, Neubodi has helped to generate about 9 tons of biofuel and help to eliminate around 23% of CO2 Emission.

What impact has this project created in the community/nation?

Our campaign provided a “green” outlet for the nation to dispose their innerwear responsibly. Prior to this, women are reluctant to toss out their innerwear. Our campaign also play a role in educating the general public. We hope to allow people to make informed decisions and are more conscious about the value of undergarments they buy. How has this project help to advance the chosen SDG? Bra are one of the least donated/recycled items in the textile category. With Neubodi being an innerwear company, we are committed to reducing the amount of these reusable textiles that goes unnecessarily into our landfills, hence largely reducing our ecological footprint.

The tagline for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) is “Leaving No One Behind.” explain how your project helps to realize the commitment of UNSDGs for the future.

Neubodi Bra Drive is about making fundamental changes in the way our societies produce, consume and dispose textiles. It’s all about quality and not quantity for us, and this is clearly reflected through the responsible production of our collections and we plan to help close the loop through our recycling campaign. We aim to help women in poor communities. This is in line with the “No Poverty” SDG. To be given a free bra is an unbelievable experience. Women feel a tremendous obligation to meet the needs of their families, and for any woman to spend money buying a bra for herself can be an unforgivable sin. We do not want women to be denied of such basic rights. Our project also helps to project “Good Health and Wellbeing”.Bras reduces the high risk of fungal infections which often occurs between chest walls. Nursing moms currently leak everywhere, and a bra will provide them the comfort of a dry shirt. Lastly, our project also promotes “Decent Work and Economic Growth”. We realise that bras provide a huge second-hand market in countries like Africa. Our bras are transported over to areas such as Mozambique and donated over to women who have been saved from sex trafficking. These bras provide them with a safe economic opportunity and work as starting inventory for them. This gives them a chance to become an entrepreneur in their own communities.

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