Mah Sing Foundation

Project Title: Mah Sing Foundation – Liter of Lights
Duration: June 2016 – September 2016
Location: Cameron Highlands

Installation of solar-powered lights all across one of the rural villages in Cameron Highlands. The objective was to provide cost-effective solar-powered lights to the village which had no access to any source of electricity. The project also aims to create an environmental friendly movement as they only use ecologically sustainable materials and cost-effective lighting. A total of 135 lights was installed to light up the lives of 67 orang asli families in Cameron highlands. Having light at night makes a huge difference as it helps makes the village seem safer, as the bright source of light will act as a deterrent against dangerous wildlife. Proper light source will also provide the villagers better opportunities, as this will provide visibility to night-time jobs. Younger members can also benefit for their study and education time is now extended. Who were the partners in this project and what their roles?“We partnered with Incitement for this project. They have carried out numerous projects worldwide that cater to the needs of the underprivileged and bring awareness to the general public on the sufferings that some people face daily.”

How was this project helped to advance the chosen SDG?

Our aim is to help enhance the lives of the underprivileged through sustainable methods. As they do not have access to electricity, it is not feasible to install electrical powered lighting, which will also incur costs in their daily lives. Installation of the sustainable lights will be able to assist them at night and the costs are inexpensive.

How did this project create impact to the employees/ volunteers?

The volunteers attended a course on the essentials of installing solar-powered light bulbs. The purpose of the course was to get the volunteers familiar with the wiring and installation of the bulb using innovative and inexpensive materials. Installing the lights themselves, the volunteers were able to interact with the orang asli families and was able to experience their living condition.

What impact has this project created in the community/nation?

The Liter of Light, aims to bring a sustainable source of light to the underprivileged. As the village had no source of electricity, these sustainable solar-powered lights will be able to help to enhance their quality of life. The villagers can now carry out night activities with relative ease.

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