LIONS Club Perak Silver State

The Earth sustains human life. That is why Lions Club of Perak Silver State (LCPSS) is dedicated to helping create a sustainable and healthy environment for our future generations.

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Other winners

Terasek E Hydra

Terasek E Hydra Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary of Terasek Group, focuses on tertiary treatment of sewage water into industrial grade water (Reclaimed Water). Terasek is Malaysia’s market leader in water

Eye 1 Recycle (Miri) Sdn Bhd

Problems: The local beach has been flooding with plastic waste for years. The local city council needs to spend 20 million every five years to create a new landfill. No

Persatuan Anggun Menawan Malaysia (PAMM)

This ‘Project’ was initiated by PAMM, or known also as Persatuan Anggun Menawan Malaysia. It is an association established to protect the rights of business owners in the haircare, cosmetic