JCI Muar is a personal and leadership development platform for young adults aged 18 to 40 years old of Muar Town to become better leaders. Dubbed as the University of Leaders, JCI Muar believes that it is through reaching out to others that you learn more about yourself. JCI Muar organized numerous sustainable projects such as community development, business, government, environment and more. The unifying force behind these seemingly diverse projects is a group of young adults who want to become better leaders while creating sustainable impact to the local community.

Project Title:
Phua Chu Kang Action

Muar river is the main source of drinking water for entire Muar District. Despite millions of ringgits was invested in building Muar as the most ASEAN CLEAN TOURIST CITY, the pollution level of Muar River was neglected. The pollution has caused the riverbed gotten shallower and led to seawater intrusion, where this was reported on 2015. Seawater intrusion has affected industries in Muar that contribute
significantly to our country, including electronic, food & beverage industries due to
stringent water quality needed for production. Other than this, the water authority needs to
spend billions of ringgits to solve the water supply and water contamination.

Hence, JCI Muar decided to do coastal cleaning twice a month at Tanjung Emas while seeking collaboration with the government to further the impact.

  1. Every Phua Chu Kang Action was submitted to Ocean Conservancy (International NGO) using Clean Swell App to record all the collected coastal rubbish. The PCK action gained attention from local authority & public with more than 23 partners accumulatively involved, including governmental agency, association, other NGOs as well as public.
  2. PCK action also collaborated with JCI Malaysia Area Peninsular Central South to promote the campaign during JCIM APCS Convention. Throughout convention, water tumbler was sponsored by Elianware Sdn Bhd for 330 participants and dispenser water was sponsored by Water Station Muar. Zero bottle of mineral water was provided, which essentially save the earth by cutting down 3,960 plastic bottle usage.

What impact has this project created in the community/nation?

The PCK action gained attention from local authorities & public with more than 23 partners accumulatively involved, including a governmental agency, association, other NGOs as well as public. Besides, PCK action was highly recognized by local media press, 11 press release was published and reached out to more than 2,550,000 readers. PCK action was honoured to be published in colour in Sin Chew National Edition and Johor edition of China Press.Furthermore, all the project committee and 40% of the volunteers committed to reduce the plastic and Styrofoam use by using food containers and water tumbler for food
& drinks. There are also 12 restaurants committed to use recyclable and biodegradable food containers, which significantly reduce Styrofoam use by 394,200 pieces every year.

How has this project help to advance the chosen SDG?

Phua Chu Kang action is particularly alliance with the target 14.1 and measured by indicators 14.1.1 under UNSDG 14:

  1. 2260 pieces and total of 165.6kg of trashes were collected from Muar river over the past 6 months
  2. Use of 3,960 plastic bottles was avoided during collaborated JCIM APCS Convention
  3. 16 project committee and 160 volunteers, who committed to lead as example in cutting down plastic usage, 192,720 Styrofoam containers were avoided yearly
  4. 12 local restaurants, which committed to use environmental friendly containers, reduced use of
    394,200 Styrofoam containers yearly
  5. 400 volunteers participated in coastal clean-up project and 2,550,000 readers were exposed to PCK action, where all gained awareness of the importance of ocean conservancy

The tagline for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) is “Leaving No One Behind.” explain how your project helps to realize the commitment of UNSDGs for the future.

Phua Chu Kang action is in alliance with the tagline by realizing Goal 14 by restoring the sustainability of Muar river, provide a better environment & drinking water source. PCK action is prioritizing on realizing Goal 14. However, the positive impact come along with
PCK action also directly realizing Goal 6, where safe & clean water are assessible; Goal 12 where biodegradable materials are used for packaging & educated consumer behavior; and Goal 17, where strong commitment and cooperation among partnerships involved.

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