Gamma Solution Sdn Bhd

Gamma Solution Sdn Bhd was founded in Malaysia in year 2000, in response to the growing demand for distribution of advanced security and surveillance products. Our clients’ base started from residential, Small Medium Enterprises (SME’s), Factories and expands to Public Listed Companies, Government Departments, Banks, Hospitals, Hotels, Multi-National Companies and Financial Institutions.

Our Mission: “Fight Crime Together for a Secure Society”. We focus in Digital Security and Surveillance (DSS) solution with built-in Video Analytics, License Plate and Facial Recognition, integrated Access Control, Center Monitoring System …etc. with business covers Malaysia and Southeast Asia region. We are honoured to be part of Intel Embedded Partner and Affiliate Member of Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance. Besides that, we are also Western Digital Premium Partner in Enterprise Storage. In recent years, we are expanding into IoT Solutions in Artificial Intelligent with deep learning and Big Data Analysis.

Our dedicated team of professionals is technically qualified and with extensive experience in the industry. We assure our business partners with the best advice, expertise and assistance to optimize their business competitiveness as a result benefit to our end customers with the most effective security solution.

Project Title:
Connected Campus Tour by GenYouth

GenYouth, an abbreviation for Generation Youth where it is depicted as a community, training and learning platform, skill and talent building apparatus, motivational provider as well as an entrepreneurship development network for the youth. Its purpose is to link job opportunities, provide motivation and charisma building, self-development, training and learning activities through multiple
collaborations with socially responsible local communities, national businesses and others.

Connected Campus Tour is one of the signature programs organized by GenYouth. It is the first-ever nationwide campus tour which includes a series of programs.

  1. Students who participate in the Connected Campus Tour will be introduced to a wide range of experience of industrial opportunities.
  2. The workshops and training provided is implemented to help them prepare for the future. In short, the result of the Gen Youth Connected Campus Tour would be that students hoping to step foot into the employment world are well knowledge and experienced to be easily employed upon graduation and offer potential contribution to the working world and society.

What impact has this project created in the community/nation?

Established based on the mission to bridge the gap between academic and practical learning in a real-life environment and increase awareness, provide support and to equip and empower the next generation with a better perspective where it’s impact will inspire students and lead them towards success. The project has nurtured and trained a multitude of students through programs like HR forums, inspirational talks, company visitation and job opportunities where its impact would be the increase of more skilled job seekers in the community. Students are groomed and prepped with a variety of basic knowledge acquired through experiencing the work environment first hand where they will employable even after graduation.

How has this project helped to advance the chosen SDG?

The project has in a way provided opportunities and a guided path to employment for students hoping to secure careers after graduation without any fear or worry as they will be well nurtured and prepped to address the lack of skilled personnel. The multitude of activities help expose students to a new environment and allowing to develop social skills. Our project help to advance the chosen SDG 8 which aims by 2020, substantially reduce the proportion of youth not in employment, education or training.

The tagline for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) is “Leaving No One Behind.” explain how your project helps to realize the commitment of UNSDGs for the future.

We have observed some scenarios where In the private universities, we noticed that the resources that the students have there are quite sufficient where they have appropriate amenities that are funded by big corporations while in the public universities, there are less resources as the universities are funded by the government which thus limits the implementation of more workshops, training and events. However, the most crucial comparison between the students in private and public universities would be that students in public universities are more appreciative as they hunger for learning opportunities that are scarce in their university where they pay more attention during inspiration talks and they give more effort in participating in case studies. Due to this observation, the Connected Campus Tour has more focus on public universities where we hope students that are with lesser resources can benefit through the introduction of our many programs, networking and job opportunities.

As more industry players seek skilled employees, the project allows underprivileged students to hone and learn skills through various activities that are supervised by the industry and company where they will gradually obtain job opportunities as the industry players will be more familiar with the students who participate thus establishing trust and understanding of their abilities to be employed thus leaving no one behind in the selection process.

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