Turning Plastic Degradable without affecting the cost

Polyseed SSD Sdn Bhd is incorporated in Malaysia on 4th March 2005 under Companies Act. The principle business is development of technology additives like Oxo and biodegradables to mix with plastic resin and accelerate the life span of plastic after disposal. Upon disposal, the plastic shall self degraded onto powder and consumed by micro organism and bacteria. The customers segment separated into institutional customers such as Tesco, 7/11, Shell, KK Mart, MR DIY, traditional market such as retail market and groceries shop and finally commercial customers such as food packaging customers. Innovative business model successfully attracted Malaysia government attention and been offer to work with Malaysia Industry Development Authorities to develop a SOP and policies how to transform the green initiative especially among the external manufacturers and manner to nurture the nature.Polyseed own a Bio and Oxo-Biodegradable additives, and as a social and environmental we decided to transfer our technology for almost free so that plastic products can become degradable and maintain selling same price as non-environmental plastics products. To fulfill our mission to turn all plastic degradable, Polyseed identify 3 keys success factors which is Go Green, Good Mix of Degradable Plastics Products and Available Everywhere (Easy for people to get  green products form market place). Polyseed collaborate with more than 20 factories to produce Green products without increasing cost. We inspired more than 2000 chain stores to retail green products to help fight climate changes by turning plastic degradable. Polyseed employee had to go through introduction of our company core value which inspires other company to integrate their business with CSI (Corporate Social Innovation) by adding social and environmental value into their company core value. Staffs are inspired to join Polyseed for a better career environment.

At Happy Earth program in 2015, we promoted more than 10MT of non-green plastics products to degradable plastic products. Polyseed have a Single Parent Income Empowerment Program by bringing sewing job of degradable nonwoven bags to promote use of reusable bags and generate income for single parent who can’t go to do normal work. Transformation of non green plastics products to degradable plastic products involved many factories technical team, business develop and distribution strategy. Single Parent Income Empowerment was collaborated with Single Parent Association and some Social Enterprise.

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