SoyAi Malaysia-Soymilk Self-Sustainability Project

Through “A Better Tomorrow, One Soybean at a Time,” we aim to create a platform for the refugees to live independently and sustainably through the spirit of entrepreneurship. The profit generated will significantly reduce the financial burden of the refugees who relies on the public fund to fund their children’s education. Fostering social awareness and youth volunteerism to make a difference in the society through innovative, effective, sustainable and impactful ways are what we are striving for
alongside.It encourages active participation and contributions from the youths & the university communities (students, academicians, non-academicians, staff) to turn words into actions to reduce social inequalities. Fostering leadership, social awareness, activism through volunteerism among the youths & promoting partnerships by collaborating with various organizations in achieving a common UN SDG. Through “Changing The World, A Bottle At A Time”, we strive to re-establish & strengthen the awareness of providing equal opportunity for all in providing job opportunities & quality education to the refugees. Our cross-country movement allows the society to play their part in realizing the possibilities of bridging the gap between locals & the marginalized groups through empowerment. Every bottle counts!


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