Producing Industry-Relevant Graduates At The Workplace

PKT is a leading niche logistics service provider in Malaysia and has a presence in South Korea, Taiwan and most ASEAN countries. It is an active proponent of unique and innovative Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and has won many accolades, including the Frost and Sullivan Niche Logistics Service Provider of the Year, Sinchew Business Excellence of the Year, & Star SOBA Malaysia Business of the Year. At PKT’s One Logistics Hub, we made an unprecedented move to integrate our fullyowned ALC college campus into The Lighthouse, placing our students within our workplace to close the perennial divide between academia and industry. PKT and ALC work together to run programmes like Jom Bekerja Sambil Belajar (JBSB), Industrial Experts Leadership Series (IELS), Professional Lecturers, Smart Truckers to ensure real knowledge exchange occurs. PKT hopes these programmes sets new frontiers for the industry, to assist the country in producing industry-relevant, employable graduates.With JBSB, ALC students sign up for part time work at PKT’s Warehouse, Finance, HR & IT departments during non-contact hours. Students will earn supplementary income while learning real-life, relevant experience. In IELS, PKT’s Senior Management conduct knowledge sharing as guest lecturers once a semester and undertake lectures one day in a week for a selected subject in the Professional Lecturer programme. With Smart Truckers, fresh graduates are trained for 6 months to take on truck driving professionally for 4 years, before becoming a manager.

PKT management and employees who lecture, train and work with the students will reinforce and better their theoretical knowledge along the way. Teaching is our employee’s way of giving back to society as these students enter the workforce with great work experience. Graduates employed by PKT are mature and confident, making them high performers. PKT’s programmes reduce foreign labour dependency, provide jobs and help the nation develop quality graduates, ultimately producing a quality workforce for the community. UiTM, UUM & POLISAS are now working with PKT to research, document and disseminate these programmes within the industry. PKT hopes our industry peers will emulate these viable & proven programmes to effect real change nationwide.

By exposing our students to hands-on, professional knowledge from industry experts, we produce quality, industry-relevant graduates who are immediately employable. With our knowledge sharing, PKT hopes the industry replicates these programmes to effect change on a large scale. With guaranteed supplementary income at the campus, underprivileged students can earn their education if they work hard.


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