If you work for PKT, your health will improve!

PKT want employees to work in happy and healthy work environment to keep them motivated. Therefore, PKT invests in providing health & fitness facilities also run out-of-the-box programmes such as Gymax Idol, Lifefitness, Bi-annual Health Checks, Management Weight Loss to sustain this culture of health and fitness throughout their careers. In Gymax Idol weight-loss competition, 5 lucky employees that have weight-loss between 7 and 33 kg were rewarded with fully paid trips to Melbourne, London, Hokkaido or Alaska, pocket money & leave passage. In Lifefitness 2016, 107 employees were rewarded with privileged parking lots, claims for sportswear, meal allowances & personal lockers in exchange for cumulative hours spent in the gym and marathons.This created a lasting culture of health fitness among employees while health and fitness programmes created waves of excitement at the time. With our unique corporate culture, branding efforts & success story, PKT attracts widespread interest from the public, receiving an average of 3000 visitors a year from government agencies, companies and educational institutions. PKT hopes to inspire them so that they create movements of health, fitness and happiness within their own domains, in similar ways like what Feruni Ceramiche has done. All our health & fitness programmes are coordinated by PKT’s HR Department and our in-house gym trainer while for the bi-annual health screening, we work with the National Kidney Foundation to perform Body Mass Index, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar Level & Cholesterol Level checks in PKT.

PKT’s health & fitness programmes aim to inspire corporations to pitch-in and take part of the healthcare strain off from the government & healthcare industry, by caring for their employees’ health & wellbeing. Even though investments are involved, incorporating happiness and health into corporate culture pays off in preventing health issues thus nurturing a committed and productive workforce.


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