520 Peace Virtual Run

This year, JCIM Area Sarawak’s theme is “Together we are one team”. The biggest area project this year is “520 Peace Virtual Run”. 520 Peace Virtual Run aims to raise awareness of love and peace through run which is a self motivated run for runners to run anywhere, anytime and at any pace and speed. In support of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Peace Is Possible (PIP) campaign, “I commit in making Peace Possible” was printed on the finisher medal, 17 SDGs goals logo printed on the lanyard and PIP logo printed as A4 size in front of finisher tee to raise awareness. It had reached out to more than 5000 public; awareness of PIP and UN SDG is being raised and promoted.Runners who participated will be wearing the PIP printed tee anytime, Facebook post with hashtag of #520peacerun, posted in official media, and shared the campaign to a few popular event websites such as Peatix to raise awareness to public. Our organizing team learnt about organizing first and ever virtual run, to create an official website for a project and learn about posting mass finisher tee and medal to finishers around the world.

They also get to travel to different places to promote this event, providing a lot of networking opportunities and to know more into depth of PIP and UN SDG. Community and nation also learnt about PIP campaign and UN SDG through posts on social media and information shared. They start to build their habits of jogging/running for their health and inviting some of their friends and families to jog together by wearing the PIP finisher tee.


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