1 Million Plan

1 Million is to promote world peace through self-defense and taekwondo. Our vision is to transform self-defense martial art into basic knowledge that everyone can practice to protect their love ones. Our mission is to touch and improve the lives of 1 million people, promote awareness on self-protection to strive for world peace.

We promote and practice the spirit on V.I.N.CO (Value added, Improve continuously, Neighborhood Spirit, Self Confidence & Obligation), not only in taekwondo practices but also in daily life. Besides that, we became the role models for others, contribute to society and strive for world peace. ‘1 Million plan’ has transformed self defense and martial art into basic knowledge. It also raised public awareness especially in Malaysia. This project also give an impact to other nation when few countries followed our footsteps, conducted their own self defense seminars in their region, which helped to create world peace and harmony.

‘1 Million Plan’ is a long term project that encourages world peace especially Taekwondo by using their skill to strive for world peace. With more and more people practicing and passing the value from one person to another, more and more people are able to contribute to achieve world peace worldwide. Besides that, this project promotes“contributing your skill to society” and also become a role model for others to follow in promoting world peace.


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