Brig. Jen. YB

Khairy Jamaluddin

Minister of Youth &
Sports Malaysia

I am pleased that JCI Malaysia invited me to write a short message in their 1st JCI Malaysia Sustainable Development Award booklet. I applaud and acknowledge the initiative taken by JCI Malaysia in organizing sustainable projects that advance the UN Sustainable Development Goal.

Malaysia is making progress on many Sustainable Development Goals targets. In line with the theme of eradicating poverty and promoting prosperity in a changing world, Malaysia formulated the New Economic Model (NEM) in 2010 which further cemented its commitment to pursue sustainable development based on three goals, namely, high income, sustainability and inclusiveness.

Currently, a very comprehensive consultation and engagement process, is being undertaken to chart the future development vision till 2050. It is known as Transformasi Nasional 2050 (TN50), with the aim of bringing Malaysia to greater heights. The overarching vision is to become a Top 20 country in the world by 2050.

In this regard, the Ministry of Youth and Sports have started engaging the youth since early 2017. The voices of youth are being sought to draft the TN50 policy document. This document will outline the economic, social, cultural and environmental targets Malaysia aims to achieve by 2050.
Lastly, congratulations for the 1st JCI Malaysia Sustainable Development Award and to the JCI Malaysia Organizing Committee for your tireless efforts in making this event a tremendous success. I hope JCI Malaysia will always passionately continue to support and help to end all forms of poverty in Malaysia and also for the whole world.

Tn Hj Mua’amar Ghadafi

MBM President
President of Malaysia Youth

A good example of this partnership can be seen in this 2017 JCIM Sustainable Development Award, where JCI Malaysia and other supporting organisations including Ministry of Youth and Sport Malaysia, iM4U, Miracle Merchant, Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA) and SME Malaysia join together as supporting body through this award ceremony. And of course, Malaysia Youth Council (MYC) will always support this kind of program in order to appreciate the effort made by Malaysian youth in advancing the UNSDG agenda. We would love to see and hear the voice from enthusiastic young people in presenting their ideas in order to grab the Best of the Best project in SDG 17 Award. I would like to urge this spirit of competition and networking to continue in order to ensure the successful delivery of the SDGs and 2030 Development Agenda.

Last but not least, congratulations to JCI Malaysia, which is one of the MYC affiliates on the success of organizing this awards ceremony. Hopefully, this effort will continue to be more successful in the future. We have high expectations on JCI Malaysia in your ability to produce competitive and highly confident young people in order to be presented internationally. Congratulations to the award winners this time! To those who are unsuccessful, keep as much experience as you can in this event and make it a challenge to be more powerful in the future.

May all be happy to celebrate this ceremony!
Thank you.

JCI Senator

Dawn Hetzel

2017 President
| Junior Chamber International (JCI)

Dear members of JCI Malaysia,

Warm greetings to each of you on his JCI Malaysia Sustainable Development Award Night!
I offer my congratulations to each of those recognized as leaders and innovators in advancing the Global Goals for Sustainable Development!

At each level of the JCI global network, active citizens are leading projects to advance the Global Goals. In my travels, I have seen the various impactful initiatives led by our members every day in their communities.

The 17 goals are building blocks to end poverty, fight inequality and injustice and combat climate change. Any project that advances initiatives to accomplish these major challenges, no matter how small and no matter where in the world, combines with the efforts of all JCI members and creates global impact. Although the Global Goals have a target deadline of 2030, our efforts to support sustainable development will not end then. Each of the Global Goals plays a role in building a better, more peaceful world. This is our fundamental goal as a global network of active citizens

Congratulations again to those recognized tonight! I know that each one of you will continue to dedicate your efforts to advance the Global Goals and create global impact.

Keep on building a better world!

Best regards,
Dawn A. Hetzel 2017 JCI President

JCI Senator

Mohamed Afandi

2017 National President
| JCI Malaysia

Greetings from JCI Malaysia,

It gives me great pleasure to be invited to pen a few words for the inaugural JCI Malaysia Sustainable Development Award (JCIM SDA) souvenir booklet. Firstly, my appreciation to Organising Chair Celine Khor and the committee members from various parts of Malaysia, for making this project happen. You have certainly embodied the 2017 theme: CCTV where you have shown COURAGE in doing this first time project; seeking partners to COLLABORATE; showing great TEAMWORK spirit each time we have meetings and visits; and providing VALUE to all stakeholders involved.

The proposal for this project was tabled last year to National Board of Directors for approval. I still emember the time when I was 2016 National General Legal Counsel, sitting with 2016 National Global Goals Commission Chair Kelson Kee at McDonalds in Taman Connaught Cheras, cracking our brains to develop this new award program. As JCI globally committed to help raise awareness and help advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) in year 2015, hence we in JCI Malaysia decided to design the new award program to be linked to the UNSDGs. Different than the other 2 awards in JCI Malaysia namely JCI Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian (JCI TOYM) and JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Award (JCI CYEA), we designed the JCIM SDA for companies and NGOs to compete for.

Once the endorsement has been received by the National Board of Directors, after the 2016 Annual National Convention, the hunt began for the first JCIM SDA Organising Chair. Leveraging on OC Celine Khor’s past experience as Organising Chair of JCI CYEA, she is able to invite prominent nominees from Malaysia’s MNCs, SMEs and NGOs with the help of Project Advisor Tan Sri Danny and the Nomination team.
Thank you as well to all the Area and local organisations that have assisted to host the press conferences, and to all members of media who helped us to promote the program.

Here we are now at the Grand Award Ceremony to reveal the winners of the first JCIM SDA. Congratulations to all the winners of the 2017 JCIM SDA and for your great work in helping to advance UNSDGs in the community. For the other nominees who did not win, please do not give up and try again next time.

I also would like to thank all the partners of the project who believed in us, who assisted us in promoting and referring nominees to join, especially to iM4U who provided us opportunity to be featured in iM4U.Fm and for giving the RM10,000 grant to the Best of the Best project.

My sincere appreciation to the judges who spent their precious time to judge the award and came together for Judges Meeting on 13 August to decide the winners, and giving us advise to help improve the award’s judging process.

Lastly, to all the members and public who supported this program during our press conferences, nomination period, and for tonight’s award ceremony, my heartfelt appreciation to each of you. Our apologies for any shortcoming as this is our first time organizing this program, and we promise you that this program will continue to grow further in the future, in line with JCI slogan, Be Better!

Thank YOU!

JCI Senator Nurul-Huda Mohamed Afandi
2017 JCI Malaysia National President

Celine Khor

Organising Chairlady of 2017 JCIM Sustainable Development Award cum 2017 National Global Goals Commission Chair
| Junior Chamber International Malaysia (JCIM)

A very warm greetings!

I’m delighted and honoured to have this opportunity to continue to serve & contribute in JCI family especially in this meaningful National Project, the JCI Malaysia Sustainable Development Award 2017.
In Sept 2015, United Nations announced the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be achieved by the year 2030, to replace the Millennium Development Goals that ended in 2015. In Oct 2015, JCI Malaysia released a Declaration at its Annual National Convention to announce our commitment to help educate, promote, and conduct sustainable projects in line with the UN SDGs. In Nov 2015, JCI also released a Declaration at the JCI World Congress to commit to advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This project is pioneer in JCI & in Malaysia which JCI Malaysia take the lead & courage to organise this sustainable project in the country. As this is the first project, our goal is to create awareness & promote publicly the Global Goals.

Here, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my beloved and hardworking committee members. They work behind the scene, being the core SDA team in this project. I’m grateful to have you working together with me. It’s not easy as my team members are from nationwide. Thanks to Area Peninsular North, Area Peninsular Central South, Area Sabah, Area Sarawak Chair & Area Directors to organize the Press Conferences & UN SDG workshop. Thanks to Local President & OC from JCI Kuala Lumpur, JCI Johor Bahru & JCI Intan for co-hosting the Press Conferences. It’s challenging but it work through trust, chemistry & bonding. Without you, the project will not be a success. I love you all.

Thanks to our JCIM National President JCI Senator Nurul-Huda for your support; Ex-Officio Felix Tan & NBOD for your endorsement; Project Advisor Tan Sri Danny Ooi for your patience and guidance; Ministry of Youth and Sports and Economic Planning Unit in the Prime Minister Department for endorsement; Malaysia Retail Chain Association President Dato Garry Chua for providing us a good platform to promote the nomination; SME Association of Malaysia Dato Michael Kang as supporting partner; Auditors Datuk Alvin Tee, Jason Tee & team from UHY; Sponsors; Supporting Media; and lastly Panel of Judges for your effort and time contributed during the judging process. I truly appreciate your valuable contribution in this project.

Congratulation to JCI Malaysia Sustainable Development Award 2017 Winners & Finalists! The result was very competitive and it has been selected based on strict United Nation Sustainable Development Goals targets & indicators. We are proud of you. To all our distinguished guests, members, media & friends, thanks for your presence in today’s Grand Award Ceremony to witness this prestigious & meaningful sustainable project together with us. We thank for your warm support. Hope you have an enjoyable evening.

Thank You.

JCI Senator

Felix Tan

2017 JCI Malaysia National General Legal Counsel cum
Ex-Officio of JCIM SDA
| Junior Chamber International Malaysia (JCIM)

Tonight, we commemorate the remarkable achievements of all who have participated in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) over the course of the company and organization activities.

In September 2015, 193 world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. If these Goals are completed, it would mean an end to extreme poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030. Countries around the world agreed on the document to be adopted in September on the Global Goals need for partnership on the first page of text, calling for “the participation of all countries, all stakeholders, and all people.”

“Partnership” appears alongside “People,” “Planet,” “Prosperity” and “Peace” in the document — a clear statement that the United Nation and its members recognize that partnership can’t be an afterthought of our development agenda; it has to be a core part of it.

To translate the next set of Global Goals from words into a world where everyone has opportunity and no one is left behind will require a range of sectors and communities to get involved. The private sector and organization has an important role to play. It has unique resources, ideas, expertise, technology and human talent to contribute.

While the global goals are ambitious, they are also achievable if we come together and act. The bottom line is building a stronger, healthier, more prosperous world will require and reward the participation of every sector.

We encourage more corporate companies and organizations to be part of this cause and together we can share the global goals with the world and help make them a reality.

Tan Sri

Danny Ooi

Project Advisor
Founder and President
| D’Touch international Sdn Bhd


A Visionary Entrepreneur, and a name synonymous with Beauty Pageants in Malaysia and in the world.
His two (2) renowned beauty pageant titles, Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International and Miss Tourism International are now franchised to more than 80 Countries around the world. Both events started in Malaysia in 1993 and 1994 respectively.

Tan Sri Datuk Danny Ooi is also the Founder and Managing Director of the Malaysia Book of Records which was set up in July 1995 to complement the government’s effort in instilling the spirit of excellence among Malaysians.

The Malaysia Book of Records Projects includes Books Publication, TV Productions and MBR Awards Night. To date, more than 300 Episodes of Malaysia Book of Records TV
Series had been produced, and 10 editions of the book have been published.

His Leadership quality had been recognized in the society by him being elected as the District Governor for Lions Clubs International, District 308B1, Malaysia in year 2009- 2010.

Tan Sri Datuk Danny Ooi is also the President of Council of Federal Datuks Malaysia. A Post he held since 2011.

For his significant contributions to the country, Tan Sri Datuk Danny Ooi were conferred the ‘Panglima Jasa Negara’ (PJN) Federal Datuk award, by the King on July 11, 2002.
And recently was conferred the “Panglima Setia Mahkota” by the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong on June 2014 which carries the title of “Tan Sri”.

To our Guest of Honour, Distinguished Guests, Members of the Media, Ladies & Gentlemen,

A very good evening and best wishes,

Firstly, I would like to congratulate Celine Khor, the Organising Chairlady of the UN Sustainable Development Awards organized by JCI Malaysia.

This is the first ever awards to be organised in Malaysia to recognize and acknowledge Corporate or Individuals who has contributed and participated in CSR projects that is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

All finalists selected are winners in their own rights and I congratulate them for their greats efforts to make our world a better place to live in.

I hope more companies and individuals will continue to support these initiatives for the future generations to come, as we are brought to this world to enjoy but not to destroy.

Love Mother Nature and let’s live life in harmony and peacefulness.

God Bless All

Tan Sri

Ms Juanita Joseph

UN Coordination Specialist
| United Nations


Juanita Joseph joined the United Nations system in 2013, as UN Coordination Specialist, in the Office of the United Nations Resident Coordinator for Malaysia. Her job involves strengthening the coherence and cohesiveness of 17 United Nations agencies that form the United Nations Country Team (UNCT) in Malaysia, particularly toward delivering as one on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals. She works closely with government and multiple stakeholders, driving forward opportunities in line with the principles of sustainability and inclusion across industry and society as a whole.

Prior to joining the United Nations, she was the Vice President of the Technology Management Office at the Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation (now known as Bioeconomy Corporation).

The other positions that she held at the Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation was as Vice President for Technology Infrastructure and as Manager for Regulatory Affairs. She was also General Manager of the TropBio Group of Companies in the early days of her career. Her expertise includes building
partnerships, developing conducive ecosystems, strengthening capacities, policy advocacy, technology commercialisation and developing cutting edge technology-based ventures. She holds a Master of Science degree in Genetic Engineering and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Microbiology and Management.


I congratulate JCIM on its inaugural JCI Malaysia Sustainable Development Award. The Office of the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Malaysia welcomes this noteworthy effort to promote the transformational 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development that was adopted by 193 countries of the United Nations in 2015.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with 169 targets and 244 indicators that form the implementation framework for the Agenda 2030 sets out an ambitious roadmap for people and planet that requires not only governments but also the private sector, civil society and all of us as individual citizens of this world to do our part to ensure that we achieve inclusive and sustainable development within the boundaries of our planet.

The SDGs are universal in nature and apply to countries both developed and developing and they are achievable only if governments, the private sector, communities and individuals align themselves to the SDGs and practice the principles of sustainability, rights and leaving no one behind in all aspects of development, governance, operations and business goals and activities.

The encouraging number of submissions to the JCI Malaysia Sustainable Development Award 2017 reflects the growing interest amongst Malaysian entities to contribute to the achievement of this global agenda.

Juanita Joseph
UN Coordination Specialist
Office of the United Nations Resident Coordinator

Tan Sri

Datuk Dr Denison Jayasooria

| Malaysian CSO-SDG Alliance
| Principal Research Fellow at KITA, UKM


Datuk Dr Denison Jayasooria (PJN, PhD) is a Principal Research Fellow at the Institute of Ethnic Studies (KITA), University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) since Sept 2008 and Appointed as Adjunct Professor (Social Development), College of Arts & Social Science, Northern University of Malaysia (UUM) (2015-2017).

He was recently appointed as member of the National Sustainable Development Goals Steering Committee at the Economic Planning Unit, Prime Minister’s Department in his capacity as Co Chair of the Malaysian CSO-SDG Alliance. Also appointed member of the Leadership Council SDG Solutions Network Malaysia (SDSN Malaysia) for 2017-2018.

Since joining KITA-UKM in Sept 2008 and Dec 2016 he has published 27 books and booklets and published 13 articles both locally and internationally. A majority of these are public policy advocacy materials. Two significant recent publications are:- Civil Society Organisations’ Active engagement in Sustainable Development Goals (2017, KITA-UKM) & Public Advocacy: Of ideas & practice in Malaysia (2017. Penerbit UKM)


Word from Malaysia CSO-SDG Alliance

I take this opportunity on behalf of the Malaysian CSO-SDG Alliance to congratulate JCI Malaysia for hosting the 2017 JCI Malaysia Sustainable Award. This event encourages both companies and NGOs to advance the SDGs in Malaysia. Since September 25, 2015 when the governments of the world agreed jointly to implement a set of 17 global goals along with 165 target and agreed to jointly formulate indicators, we note a global consensus “to ensure no one is left behind” in our global community.

The CSO-SDG Alliance is comprised of CSOs from development, human rights and environmental concerns working together to ensure a holistic approach to human wellbeing where there is a healthy incorporation of various dimensions so as to enhance economic and social as well as civil and political rights of all Malaysia. In this context both sustainability and human rights are a core value.

The CSO Alliance supports this initiative by JCI Malaysia in promoting an active participation and recognition of the business community in the implementation of the SDGs. It is possible for big businesses and even medium and small ones to undertake corporate social responsibility from an SDG perspective addressing core value such as justice and dignity through social interventions which will enhance social empowerment, social mobility and social cohesion.

Our best wishes for this initiative and let us continue to work together in creating a better Malaysia and world for all people.

Datuk Dr Denison Jayasooria
Co Chair, Malaysian CSO-SDG Alliance

Tan Sri

Mr Rudy Malik

| IM4U


Rudy grew up in a family of five and is the eldest amongst his brothers. He came from a Malay and Chinese parentage of which he got the benefit of living through 2 cultures in his childhood years.
He holds a Bach. of Arts (Honours) in Accounting and Finance from Oxford Brookes University.

He joined IBM Malaysia in the year 2000 as an Accounting Analyst. He was promoted to Team Leader and was then assigned to IBM Corp in New York for 6 months in 2007 handling Asia Pacific Expenses. When he returned back, he was promoted to Manager. He handled a team of 10 staff and was then later given an opportunity to project manage several divestiture projects.

In 2013, Rudy joined iM4U as the Director of Corporate Services, where he led the team that oversaw the organization’s finance, procurement and human resource.

He was promoted as iM4U’s Chief Operating Officer in 2014. Under his stewardship, iM4U launched its first radio station, iM4U fm. This is the station that reaches out to the youth and spearheads social causes.

Besides setting up its first radio station, iM4U has also organized large-scale volunteer programs like Volunteer Malaysia, Reach Out Convention and Celebration and Reach Out Run that have successfully engaged volunteers of different age groups and background. Also, under his purview, iM4U initiated its first volunteer network program, ASEAN4U that brought together 70 ASEAN delegates.

Rudy is also known as the rock drummer for the popular band, Pop Shuvit. The band has has recorded 6 albums and toured around Asia from the years 2000 to 2012. They won the AIM Anugerah Kembara during their peak and also played on MTV World Stages concerts. They made it big in Japan in 2006. They were the first artist in Malaysia to break into the Japanese market, opening doors to other Malaysian artists and giving hope to the music industry.

Rudy, who is appointed as iM4U Chief Executive Officer in 2016, continues to be an inspiration to the youths who want to strike a balance between career and passion. He continues to strive by expanding the presence of iM4U in the heart of Malaysians.


At iM4U, we are committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by aligning our four core pillars; arts & culture, community well – being, sports and knowledge building to meet the needs of various communities in line with the SDG agenda.

iM4U, established in 2012, serves as Malaysia’s Youth Volunteerism hub that encourages and promotes volunteerism amongst youths throughout the nation. Through iM4U’s DRE1M fund, we invite youths around the nation to engage and organize community service projects that mirrors the sustainable cities and communities pillar under SDG. As of 2017, iM4U has garnered 4, 865 DRE1M fund social responsibility projects that have not only impacted communities around the nation but also boost the spirit of giving back to those less fortunate.

iM4U has also established a sustainable eco-system for disaster relief; enhancing a rapid communication network that connects and communicates to various parties in times of need. Since 2014, iM4U’s Flood Relief efforts have deployed 7, 000 tents and 6, 000 volunteers to effected areas. At iM4U, we carry out our initiatives in line with The National Blue Ocean Strategy mission of “low cost, high impact and rapid execution”..

Rudy Malik

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