Mah Sing Foundation & Yayasan Generasi Gemilang

LEAD Program is a talent development program that aims to develop high potential individuals and build talent pipeline to groom high potential staffs into successors for key roles in the group in 3 month training series with 14 separate training programs. For Property Development, Mah Sing has completed 13 projects with 35 current ongoing projects and has created employment opportunities for the construction and property industry. LEAD graduates do not only have a better teamwork but also have a very positive working culture. When faced with a problem, they take responsibility to come up with a solution and are not afraid to seek guidance from their superiors when needed. In Property Development, the company has increased its workforce to the current 1920 staffs.
In Lead Program, with skillsets needed, they create efficient workforce that improve company growth and leads to steadier nation growth. Through knowledge about company’s overall process and operations will helped them to work easier. Property helped township to bring footfall & increase the economy & liveliness of the area, increase standard of living & thriving business which contributes to nation’s growth. Continuous developments consistently provide employment & 23% contract workers able to have steady income and able to assume permanent positions. It’s a platform for employees to learn more skills. Enable them to rise up in ranks & create employment and able to better retain employees.
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