Love Is In The Air

The project “Love is in the Air” main activity is student adoption program by looking for local to adopt the underprivileged students. The important message of this project was The Importance of Education. Without complete schooling or lack of knowledge, the underprivileged students tend to earn less or insufficient income in the future. Students showed improvements in their exam results and seriousness in their study in class, and also they have a positive change after schooling hours.Our members & friends improved in their speaking skills through interacting with many different parties, have better problem solving skill to do project, understand the concept of JCI Active Citizen Framework to implement on the project and 100% familiar with the CONCEPT OF UN SDG NO.1: No Poverty and realized the community problems. The impact are to increase the level awareness and seriousness of study which is monitored closely with the headmasters and teachers to review of students in terms of seriousness on study, class attendance and examination result. The project provide education financial needs to underprivileged students to

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