Relieving the Hunger – Feed The Hunger

Feed The Hunger is organised once a month by distributing the food packs to needy who are homeless and at old folks homes, orphanage and etc. This project successful distributed to 1500 person from different nationalities, races, and ages and helped educate them to eat healthy food, and appreciate the food you have.
Volunteers who attend this project were happy to give out food. Some lend their hand by passing out the food packs, giving out drinks, entertaining with fun jokes, making own food like cupcakes, cookies, and some even contribute money to make this project a success. When we distribute food packs once every month , the homeless appreciate it and they will come on time to receive their food packs.
There are several Lions Club who joined this project. Every month the leader of the club will be in charge of the food and coordinate the job with the team, and this show teamwork under one roof. Feed the hunger protect our local community and create awareness to encourage saving food and appreciate the food we have.
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