Affordable and High Quality Education for Less Privileged Students

University College of Technology Sarawak (UCTS) is the culmination of the State of Sarawak’s vision and commitment in establishing a world-class institution of higher learning founded on science and technology to spearhead the development and production of technical human resource for the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE). Situated in Sibu, one of the main gateways into SCORE, UCTS is owned by the State of Sarawak through the State Financial Secretary Incorporated. It was established on 8 August 2012 upon receiving approval from the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia. UCTS is the first university in Malaysia to achieve a Green Building Index(GBI) “Platinum Index” rating through its futuristically designed campus and state-of- the-art facilities. Some of the green building features incorporated are the rainwater harvesting system, recycling of waste water for gardening use, solar photo voltaic panels for electricity generation, as well as light and motion sensors for lighting.A major initiative to revitalise Sibu’s economic growth is the regional development corridor known as SCORE, which includes the formation of University College of Technology Sarawak. The university provides special funds for the less privileged students by introducing two scholarships. These are Foundation Scholarship and Transportation Allowance. Both programmes have eased the less privileged families and provided access for their children to affordable and high quality education in UCTS. UCTS provides world class quality facilities and education programmes that fit the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy’s employment demand. These programme is a boost to those living in the remote areas of Sarawak and provides hope to improve their future quality of life.

Foundation Scholarship – This project provides access to affordable and high quality education. Sarawakian who lives in remote areas does not have to spend so much traveling to Kuching or Peninsular Malaysia for education. Education is provided at their door step, a campus awarded with GBI Platinum with world class facilities and infrastructure and complete with comprehensive financial assistance. Transportation Allowance – This project provides avenue for less privileged rural Sarawakians to realise their dreams through affordable and quality education. The project helps to reduce drop-outs among school leavers by giving access to education which is affordable through the two scholarship programmes. This will in turn, in future, break the poverty vicious cycle among the rural poor in Sarawak.


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