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Junior Chamber International Batu Pahat Entrepreneur (JCI BPE) started in the year 08.08.2008. Our chapter’s feature is that we use Mandarin as the tools of communication rather than English, a formal language used by other JCI chapters, and we primary target to recruit and gather entrepreneurs as our members. Our concept is to provide the young people a place of learning, interaction and benefit from it.

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Project Description
JOM Check Eyes is a sustainable impact project that started as an awareness campaign in January 2017, which we believe that through early eye checking & proper learning of good eye care habits to children is the most sustainable ways to prevent and minimize childhood myopia effect.
The study has shown children between 6-12 years old are often having a progressive form of Myopia (nearsightedness). This myopia effect can be worse as a result of the inappropriate uses of their eyes for daily activities/habits, such as reading under insufficient lighting environment, spend excessive time on watching television and playing video games using mobile phone/tablet.
To create public concern, this project has started planning since November 2016.
As of April 2018, we had successfully organized five JOM Check Eyes awareness campaigns for more than 900 children, with a series of fun activities together with our partners; E-Meng Optical and various primary schools to provide resources & platform inspire children learn more about the importance of good eye care habits in Batu Pahat district.
Project Result
  1. As of April 2018, we have completed 5 sessions with total number of 925 students age between 6 – 12 years old had participated in this campaign since we started in January 2017.
  2. This project helped 379 students prevent their myopia effects deteriorate after measure their visual acuity with equipment.
  3. This campaign has also influenced 148 teachers & volunteers in proactive measure to prevent and minimize childhood myopia effect among children.
  4. We also manage to setting up an Eye Chart Checking Corner (ECCC) in one of the primary school successfully in November 2017.
What impact has this project created in the community / nation?
  1. Most of the students who went through this project understand the importance of good eye care habits to prevent and minimize myopia effect.
  2. By aware of myopia result through eye test, some students have improved their overall learning experience by changing seating arrangement in right places at school.
  3. Many parents are alert & take caution attention on their children’s lifestyle & environment after their children eye test result has given to them.
  4. This campaign has received positive responses among parents, and invited by numerous primary school principals to conduct the campaign in their premise after the news publication.
How has this project help to advance the chosen SDG?
  • This project is focus on SDG#3 Good Health & Well Being; by creating a sustainable way to have the opportunity prevents rather than cure myopia effect among children before the condition deteriorates.
  • Beside, this project helps parent to redirect their attention toward children’s reading habits, healthy lifestyle & better environment particularly in current digital era.
The tagline for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) is “Leaving No One Behind.” explain how your project helps to realize the commitment of UNSDGs for the future.
  • By means of “LEAVING NO ONE BEHIND”, we are committed to improve this project continuously with the passion to engage more primary schools & stakeholders.
  • We will include “LEAVING NO ONE BEHIND” tagline into our promotional material & platform as our commitment to promote UNSDGs in the future.
  • Apart from improving and creating healthy societies, we strongly believe a healthy society is the starting point for nations to have a quality education.
  • Although realized their children has myopia from our project, few families has financial difficulty to get an eyeglasses prevent the condition deteriorate for their children. Hence, we had obtained 10 complimentary eyeglasses each campaign for school distributed for those families and give certain discount rate for any eyeglasses purchase with our partners.
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