JOM BEKPES by Institut Onn Ja’afar (IOJ)

Institut Onn Ja’afar, often referred to as IOJ, was launched on September 7 of 2014. IOJ is a nongovernment organisation that provides temporary relief to underprivileged by mobilising volunteers from private and public institutions irrespective of anyone’s ethnic, religious or social backgrounds.
In line with one of its core values, Institut Onn Ja’afar works together with many institutions of higher learning, corporate sponsors, other non-government organisations, as well as governments and agencies to help the underprivileged.
Our mission is to empower youth from private and public university and college students to provide temporary relief to the underprivileged, especially children. At IOJ, we prioritise unity irrespective of race and religion in addressing social issues. Also, we believe people should aspire from a young age to become contributing members of society.
IOJ has won several prestigious awards such as The Malaysian Book of Records and the Brand Laureate award for organising the largest youth participated run in Malaysian in 2015 and 2017, respectively.

To date, IOJ has over 60,000 registered volunteers, served more than 15,000 meals to the underprivileged children as well as the homeless in Chow Kit, and 50 cases of underprivileged children being actively managed.

Institut Onn Ja’afar
Project Description
JOM BEKPES is held on most Wednesday mornings. The main objective is to provide a free breakfast to the poor; particularly underprivileged children and homeless people. Each session is hosted by different public and private universities or colleges in and around Klang Valley. The student-volunteers also interact with the children and homeless people.
Project Result
JOM BEKPES regularly feeds between 250 and 300 underprivileged children and around 50 homeless people on a weekly basis. With an ever-changing group of student-volunteers, it also exposes around 40 different youths every week to the practice of volunteerism. The programme has been running for almost 3 years and has on average served 7,500 meals with the participation of 1,000 youths annually.
What impact has this project created in the community / nation?
By providing one free breakfast a week to underprivileged children and homeless people, JOM BEKPES lowers their cost of living and reports have claimed that children who start the day with a good breakfast perform better at school. The involvement of university and college students also sets a good example for underprivileged children and gives them good role models to chase after.
How has this project help to advance the chosen SDG?
JOM BEKPES feeds 250 to 300 underprivileged children and around 50 homeless people on a weekly basis while at the same time giving them the encouragement and support to rise up out of their current predicament
The tagline for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) is “Leaving No One Behind.” explain how your project helps to realize the commitment of UNSDGs for the future.
JOM BEKPES is in line with the UNSDG tagline of “Leaving No One Behind” because it directly benefits underprivileged children and homeless people who are often overlooked. As a morning soup kitchen, JOM BEKPES focuses on Zero Hunger but it is also in line with the following UNSDGs:.
Good Health and Well-Being : The student-volunteers encourage the underprivileged children and homeless people to wash before eating and practice a healthy lifestyle, while reinforcing that behavior among themselves.
Quality Education: JOM BEKPES has a sister-programme, JOM CARING, where some of the same underprivileged children are ‘adopted’ by committees from the universities and colleges that have taken part in JOM BEKPES. For a period of one year, the committees oversee the children’s education and report back to IOJ on their progress.

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions: Through its campaigns, including JOM BEKPES, IOJ instils the values of the late Dato’ Seri Onn Ja’afar which includes unity among Malaysia’s many ethnic groups and religions for the benefit of Malaysia as a whole and the less fortunate in particular. JOM BEKPES volunteers come together, crossing various ethnic and religious lines, to help underprivileged children and homeless people who are also from different ethnic and religious groups.
Partnerships For the Goals: JOM BEKPES is carried out through partnerships with government departments at the district and federal levels including the Education Ministry of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur City Hall and Federal Territories Ministry of Malaysia among others. Internationally, the United States Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, the United States Navy and the United States State Department have also taken part in a special session of the JOM BEKPES campaign.
More often and importantly, the private sector sponsors provides the financial support while 62 private and public institutions of higher learning provide the manpower necessary to serve so many people on a weekly basis.

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