WINNER 2018 JCI Kuala Lumpur

Junior Chamber International Kuala Lumpur (JCI KL) is oldest JCI local chapter in Malaysia and it was formed by Senator Kenny Ng and inaugurated in 1954, JCI KL is affiliated with the worldwide leadership development organization – The Junior Chamber International (JCI).
JCI KL has a remarkable members representing a network of highly motivated and forward looking young men and women who are mostly entrepreneurs or executives from a wide range of trades and businesses and professional. The active members are between the ages of 18-40 who make full use of their leisure hours to work for the betterment of the community and themselves.
JCI KL has most International sister chapters in Malaysia which at Japan, Korea, Philippine, Mongolia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.
In 2016, JCI KL won the Global Best Inter-Organization Collaboration Project during 2016 JCI World Congress that held in Quebec, Canada and at the same year JCI KL also won JCI Malaysia Top 10 active local organization award during 2016 annual national convention that was held in Penang, Malaysia.
Project Title:
Hope For Nature
The project duration was 3 and a half month from the preparation to practical, timeline from beginning April to end of July 2016. On 18 – 21 July 2016, Awareness Campaign on environmental issues – global warming, deforestation, reforestation and recycling were held at TAR UC. On 23 July 2016, lead by JCI Kuala Lumpur active citizens, over 1200 trees were planted at Raja Musa Forest Reserve by more than 300 young citizens from primary schools, colleges and universities.
Red Bricks Cafeteria TAR UC, Kuala Lumpur & Raja Musa Forest Reserve

The Hope For Nature is a tree planting campaign that creates the awareness of climate action changes on the global atmosphere and its impact towards the global citizen living standard. The campaign aims to emphasise the importance of restoring mother earth and to inculcate the habit of reuse, reduce and recycle. Besides, the campaign act as the education role in promoting the awareness on reforestation and the roles of re-greening the environment.
The Hope For Nature campaign provided a global impact to the young generation in shaping the positive mindset on the awareness of climate change. The campaign had brought in a proactive measure of environmental degradation and formation of nature restoration. The impact of the environmental measurement provided the global active citizen with green effort passion and create positive change for future generation.
How did this project create impact to the employees/ volunteers?
This project provide the chance for volunteers to speak in public, to work with other youth, and learn to work in a team. Positive recognition and involvement in their communities through volunteering and social action projects. Explore their aspirations, develop self-confidence/esteem and gain new practical skills. Young generation engaged in green activities help to restore and rejuvenate the spiritual bond with nature.
What impact has this project created in the community / nation?
Shaping the mindsets of the young citizens, particularly on the campus. They play their civic roles in reforestation to combat climate change and help curb the devastating impact of global warming.
Who were the partners in this project and what their roles?
The collaboration involved JCI KL, TAR UC and GEC (Global Environment Centre). The Tree Planting project collaborated with Selangor State Government, Selangor Forestry Department and Friends of North Selangor Peat Swamp Forest. Recycling project involved JCI KL-TAR UC and collaborated with Pertubuhan Amal Seri Sinar.
How was this project help to advance the chosen SDG?
Strengthen resilience and adaptive capacity to climate-related and natural disasters in the country. The project helped to improve education and awareness raising, human and institutional capacity on climate change mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction and early warning.
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