JCI Butterworth City

The JCI Butterworth City, is Butterworth, Penang premier leadership development organization, formed in 2011 to channel the energies and idealism of youth into projects that create positive change in the community.JCI Butterworth City empowers young people to become better leaders and create positive change in a community by spearheading projects anchored like Love Is In The Air, Reading Corner, I Love Reading, Go Green Campus and Green Camp to aiding the government in community development.

Project Title:
Reading Corner
January 2014 to June 2017
Butterworth, Bukit Mertajam, Tambun, Jawi, Juru & Cameron Highland

Reading Corner is a SUSTAINABLE IMPACT PROJECT established from March 2014 to 2017. It is influence 18 PRIMARY SCHOOLS with total of 30000 STUDENTS towards this project. The sector involved are PTO, orphanage, government & OCBC Bank Targets are:

  • To set up a reading corner (with furniture and books)
  • To donate dictionary to needy student

Long term objectives are:

  • To cultivate reading habits
  • To encourage primary students to spend the time to readings habits since young

This project which have build image through the few mainstream newspaper and its impact across nationwide.

Setup 22 Reading Corners in 20 Primary schools & 2 Orphanage Home

Subsidiary Project:

    1. Love Dictionaries:
      • 2015-2000 dictionaries to 36 primary schools
      • 2017-300 dictionaries to 7 primary schools
    2. Go Green Campus Reading Program:
      • 2017-9 primary schools


    • Give equal opportunity to 24,000 students regardless of race (MALAY, INDIAN, CHINESE AND BUMIPUTRA) the access to knowledge in order to provide lifelong learning opportunities.
    • Broaden students’ interest in exchanging ideas and training their critical thinking.
    • Create awareness on the environmental protection among societies.
How did this project create impact to the employees / volunteers?
Members are proud to be part of this successful program in JCI Butterworth City, and our effort and hard work has been RECOGNIZED BY OTHER CHAPTERS AND COMMUNITY.
12 new members are eager to be part of our team, as we provide the opportunity to not only involve and lead in the program, but the vast network of people to know and work with.
What impact has this project created in the community / nation?
Reading Corner BREAKS RACES’ BARRIER, as we establish the program with the aim to all students regardless of races or ethnicity. We have reached out to MALAYS, INDIANS, CHINESE AND INDIGENOUS STUDENTS, even BUMIPUTRAS STUDENTS FROM CAMERON HIGHLANDS. We strive to give EQUAL OPPORTUNITY to all students the access to books in Reading Corner.
Who were the partners in this project and what their roles?
We collaborate with more than 16 organizations to reach the objective of active citizen framework.
  1. JCI Butterworth City: Setup reading corner
  2. OCBC Bank: Main sponsor
  3. Persatuan Ibu Bapa dan Guru: Assist in setting up
  4. Adun Tambun – YB Dato’ Law Choo Kiang: Endorsement
  5. Corporate Patrons: Funding for furniture, books & stationary.
How was this project help to advance the chosen SDG?
This project is leading a quality education by creating a golden opportunity to lead the interaction between teachers and students through open group discussion rather than just sharing book-based knowledge. Besides, students can get updated reliable news from time to time in order to have exposure on the general knowledge of latest social and worldwide affairs.
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