Internationalizing JCI Petaling Jaya – Embracing Cultural Diversity for Would Peace

JCI Petaling Jaya was established in year 1980 and is an award winning local organisation, having won the Most Outstanding Local Organisation from year 2009-2015 and other awards. Embracing Cultural Diversity for World Peace is a series of activities/projects focusing on promoting cultural diversity and internationalism with 3 different levels of exposures including people development, overseas collaboration and cultural diversity. The project aims to inject multicultural values through exposure of culturally diverse activities. The International Cultural Festival, held in Taylors University, exposed cultural diversity of the world through collaboration between various NGOs, companies and government agencies.Participants were exposed to various traditional dances, food, culture, clothing and get to mingle with people from various countries. Orphans get to experience attending an international event and receive coupons to purchase their own food and items. We collaborated with Sokka Gakai Malaysia, MBG, Nelsons, Taylor’s University, and many more partners for this program. International Children Drawing Contest, conducted annually, promoted the concept of OMOIYARI, which refers to Mutual Understanding and Peace in Japanese.

This project conducted between JCI Petaling Jaya and JCI Higashiiruma Japan provided opportunity for Malaysian and Japanese children to showcase their creativity and promote the spirit of peace. It also help build a strong bond and relationship with overseas partners through the program. ICDC also equipped members with the tool and knowledge in project planning; public relations and marketing. The Global Immersion Program provided students from SIES College from Mumbai, India and entrepreneurs from Pelatih Indonesia and JCI Yogyakarta to learn about the business culture in Malaysia, as well as mingle with members of JCI PJ and other local universities during their trip to Malaysia.

The participants also participated in the Peace is Possible campaign by going around the township to spread message of peace and give away badges to public. They also build connections with Malaysia’s MNCs and SMEs and learnt from the sharing by past winners of JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Award. They leave the program with a global mindset and appreciation of peace. These range of programs enhance the spirit of peace in the community, and build stronger organisations/institutions in the world through collaboration, exposing our youth to cultural diversity and peace beyond borders.

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