Improvement of salons productivity, efficiency & staff happiness

The project incorporated the “Shop in Shop” concept into its market strategy. Instead of opening another scalp specialist center, BioTHIK is being sold in salon as a treatment and product on its own.

Since the project is adopting the ‘partner’ instead of ‘supplier’ relationship, the project will be able to ensure mutual long term sustainability. By using a more sophisticated tool, it allows the progress of the scalp treatment to be monitored. This does not only increase the professionalism of the salon but also reduces human error or wrong prescription on scalp care management. At least 16,000 jobs are expected to be create under this project. The academy itself can generate more jobs such as management, lecturer, trainer and etc, which will lead to another 1200 employable skilled professionals to meet the growing demands from the hair salons within the next 3 years. In the salon itself, through the sale of BioTHIK, an extra income is generated for the salon staff.

This project has help advance the chosen SDG by enhancing scientific research, upgrade the technological capabilities of scalp care sectors throughout the nations. Through SIRIM, the scientific research will be further be enhanced in the scalp care sector. The involvement of a government agency will often create a ripple effect on the particular sector.


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