Sustainable Homestay

Sustainable Smart Homestay to evolve sustainably through living ideas. Rather than just simply creating a homestay, Villahouz aspires to build a community that seeks the ultimate ideals of community living. Clean, affordable and green living begins with Villahouz. In term of Green Energy, we used green appliances for energy which will save eco lifestyle and we effectively use of well water to reduce heat and reduce usage of air conditioning. To provide Clean Environment, plants were planted indoor to create better air supply and to reduce CO2 emission for cleaner environment.
Eco Smart is seeking a sustainable yet comfortable lifestyle without compromising Mother Nature, towards reduced CO2 emission and less wastage for a better environment today and tomorrow. Harnessing the power of the sun, solar, water energy is created to supply for the total power consumption of the household. Swift construction in 8 months using steel frame structures and pre-fabrication method. With all this energy from mother nature, Villahouz is harnessing all the energy and transforming it into something that can be useful to both environment and customers.
Innovative energy management, houses will adopt an energy management system which provides comfortable living. Providing a better lifestyle based on guests feedback after they stay.
Conventionally, homestay generally just provide accommodation but here in Villahouz we do educate our guests with eco-friendly and energy efficient products.
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