Health Educational Tour

IDEALITE was established in 2011 by Mr Tan Yong Jen. Idealite is a combination from the words “Ideal”-better life and “-ite”-follower. Interestingly, Idealite is “A Follower of a Better Life”. Purpose of Idealite is to guide the public towards embracing a modern, healthy culture of Shu-Food. Our mission is to use only the best natural ingredients that are safe to consume in creating a delicious and nutritionally balance diet. Idealite vision is to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle through Shu-Food. Our project is to ensure continuous access by all people to nutrition food, prevent and control deficiency and excess and diet related noncommunicable chronic diseases, to promote healthy eating and active living and also to continuous assessment and monitoring of the nutrition situation in the country. We conduct free health seminar for public, provide free health screening and nutrition consultation, nurture the children to practice good eating habit from young age, and organize health quiz. We do collaboration with school principal to promote green and healthy canteen.Idealite nutritionist and dietician team has conducted more than 100 health seminar covering various sectors to all races from ages 3 to elderly. After attending health seminar, the eating behavior of children is changed and the frequency of taking junk food or fast food is obviously reduced. We successfully launch green and healthy canteen in SJK© Kim Sen, by advocating all teachers and students to eat more fruits and vegetable.

Overall, health awareness among Idealite teammates and health conscious people has increased. All teammates are eager to participate because they feel that this project is very meaningful and they want to promote to their friends and family. Some of the factory management like ViTrox takes initiative to launch green and healthy cafeteria and provide free health screening for staffs. For the needy, we provide free nutrition consultation by teaching them how to prepare healthy food with eight balanced nutrients at home. Underprivileged group may face nutrition deficiency or diet related to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) because they lack of nutrition knowledge. Most of the NCDs (diabetes, heart disease & kidney failure) are because of unhealthy eating behaviour & lifestyle. Hence, our role to play is to ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.

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