Garbage Out of Sight Recycling Station

ICYCLEPANGKOR (GO GREENONLINE SDN BHD ) was founded in 2014 by 5 eco-loving friends who started to operate their first recycling centre on Pangkor Island where refuse disposal and waste management is becoming a serious problem. Previous solution includes incineration for waste treatment. Not only it is costly, the incineration system did not fit in with the lifestyle of the islanders in garbage disposal whose awareness on garbage classification was very minimal. In view of this, Go GreenOnline has instilled the elements of business chain management into refuse collection and recycling. Among which, computerised management is introduced into waste management to improve efficiency. A series of transformations are introduced – beginning with image transformation. We first shake off the dirty and slummy image of traditional recycling centres. Then we work with the community through environmental beautification, social-caring and education projects. Our mobilisation of resources and modernisations have made us the role model among community projects and recycling managements. In 2016, gogreenonline carved another landmark in the environmental protection industry by introducing a recycling station affiliation programme.

Go Greenonline Sdn Bhd 绿式在线有限公司
Project Description
Garbage separation at source GO GREEN ONLINE work together with the Government through Realname system, we provide individual account for every resident who participates in recyclables separation. By recording down all information and data related to recyclables classification and separation, members are able to access their own member account via Internet and WeChat. Secondly, accumulating Green Coins can be used to redeem daily products and services, in order to encourage residents to do long term recyclables separation, and eventually built a sustainable mode of environmental protection.
Project Result
The project is aimed to increase and strengthen awareness of residents on environmental protection by separating recyclables at source. Residents will put separated recyclables into rubbish bag, then stick a GOGREENONLINE member QR code sticker on every bags and lastly put the bags beside green rubbish bin. On every Wednesday, staffs in charged will collect bags on time and then send it back to the recycle centre. By scanning QR code, the centre will record everything related to recyclables which provided by every household, and eventually give corresponding Green Coins points to every member. Sometime later, residents are free to redeem daily products using accumulating Green COINS.
What impact has this project created in the community / nation?
Tons which cannot be bear in life (weight of garbage) Act 672 with the intention to reinforce the participation of recyclables separation at source. Strengthen school education regarding the importance of recyclables separation and at the same time to promote recycling in the community as a common practice. It helps to upgrade the rising of industry value in the community. It can extend the usage of buried garbage. It not only reducing the cost of handling the garbage (high cost of addition of garbage incinerators), cut down the endanger pollution of environment but stimulates the local consumer market effectively. Encouraging more market power participate in the city environmental protection construction and build a sustainable development or living city.
How has this project help to advance the chosen SDG?
In order to make recycling easier and convenient, we create a comprehensive recycling platform. Integrate various recycling needs, small recyclers and systematic logistics cooperation. Actively provide regular fixedpoint home recycling points.
We hope to make recycling fun and happy. Create the first stylish and educational trash recycling station. The shop adopts the “recyclables exchanged for goods” mode. Members bring recycled products to shop for recycling according to category, weigh given G currency as feedback
The tagline for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) is “Leaving No One Behind.” explain how your project helps to realize the commitment of UNSDGs for the future.
Many cities are facing problems of siege garbage currently. In order to achieve the maximize use of the garbage which is based on the premise stated earlier, garbage classification. The experience of garbage classification in developed countries and domestic cities showing us that garbage classification conducted by scientific processing premise stated earlier, mean to reduce the amount of garbage, turn as resources, lay the foundation of harmless when treated. Three aspects of effectiveness have been provided by the community, economy and ecology.

Whether the use of the Internet and garbage classification recycling mode is a success or not, setting up modern and bright recycle station in local communities or can help the United Nations to realize the sustainable development objective is a commitment to the future.

In future, Go Green Online wish to build one new method which can be duplicate, not too depending on the government garbage classification reclaim by putting business thinking into the public welfare. Apply completely market-oriented mode to construct a city recycle station which is invisible.

Most people are doing the same minor thing is the way to change the world.

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