The Future Builders

Our focused is to foster the young generation into the future builders in different industries for the nation. It emphasized the present and the future through three main core values which is involvement in STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics), reminder about the safety and sustainability in the built environment and reinstated the importance of integrity and moral. Through talks, advise and creating a sharing platform, the project aimed a greater vision which was to create a bold and innovative future generation.

Impact to our employees include better acceptance of critics after increase interaction with the public. Bond between colleagues were enhanced thus making future collaboration smoother. It’s also acted as an offer of purpose that created great feeling of gratification and moral in future work. New and unfamiliar tasks helped to diversify their skills and add greater value to them. In 10 years’ time, through this project will encourage and urge the young generation to focus and to involve in high-value added and labor-intensive sectors like engineering field and help the nation to achieve higher levels of economic productivity.


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