Finalist #16- Dcode Sdn Bhd and KLCP

Heart Chorus成长心连心

Heart Chorus (成长心连心) is a whole day free activity organised every month in different schools in Malaysia serving about 500 people per event per month. The objective of this event is to bring the relationship gap closer between children and their parents or guardians and not to forget the children’s school teachers too. Event is held in chosen schools during the weekend. Teachers, parents, children and also KLCP volunteers participate in the activities and hence reach the insight of the value they get during the activities. This activity is funded by the public and all expenses are accountable. The remaining of the fund will be donated to charity body. After and before this activity, while enrolling for funds, students also do enroll while sharing their journey in this leadership course.
We are sharing the experiences by using 9 points of leaderships-Enthusiasm, Commitment, responsibilities, Appreciation, Giving, Trust, Win, Enrolment, Possibility.

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