Finalist Goal#2- Food Bank Muar

Persatuan Pembangunan Perindustrian Produk Buatan Muar

Muar Food Bank: Share Food. Give Hope.

Muar Food Bank is a non-profit and charitable platform that collects food donations and distributes them to the needy around Muar District. Muar Food Bank was established in 2017 in hopes to help create a hunger-free community, while cultivating a caring society and to combat unnecessary food wastage.
Muar Food Bank also provides help beyond food aid so long it is within our volunteers’ capabilities, such as registering them for government schemes, pledge for specific items like adult diapers and basic counselling. If help is beyond our capabilities, help is given by connecting those in need to the relevant government welfare organisations and non-gov-ernmental community organisations for a variety of assistance and support.

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