Finalist #5 Homevest Capital Sdn Bhd

A Roof Over Head For Single Mothers


With the economic situation of the country slowing down as a result of the pandemic COVID-19, it was observed that there was a huge increase in unemployed single mothers. Homevest decided to reach out to single mothers to provide them with much-needed shel- ter and assistance during the MCO period. This was done through the following initiatives:

  • Providing them with shelter by helping them to pay the rent as long as they are un- employed.
  • Connecting them with job opportunities, either by offering them a job in Homevest Capital or linking them to partner companies.
  • Assisting the single women with payment of their utility bills during their unemployment period.
  • Organising online workshops (e.g. how to sell items online) for them to learn a new skill so that they can earn a living during this tough time.
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