Finalist #4 Pusat Tuisyen Sarjana Juara

Children Leadership Training & Character Building Project


Pusat Tuisyen Sarjana Juara has fully developed Children’s Leadership Training and Char- acter-building Projects. Through continuous learning programs and a series of leadership and character training camps and programs, it provides weekly follow-up for children and young people aged 6-15.
The vision of the project is to become the most influential and reliable self- development education and training for children in Malaysia. To lead and build self- confident character by releasing the full potential of children, and to release the power in it, make them enter- prising and innovative people, to make sure that they are confident that they can achieve quality and balanced growth, thereby creating a better future.
The mission of the project is to provide children with better mental health support and in- spire them to achieve tolerance, quality education and a happy life. We believe that every child has their own potential and their own unique inner strengths, whether they are talented children, people with slow learning, people of any family background, race or gender. We must give them equal opportunities and receive a high-quality education to create positive changes and influential awareness to avoid dropout rates.

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