Finalist #3- JCI Kuala Lumpur Mandarin (JCI KLM)

“Action Against Dengue”
Community Empowerment Program, AADCEP


“Action Against Dengue” Community Empowerment Program, AADCEP is an initiative to create an awareness about the dangers and negative implications of dengue to the community, family and individual. It is also about advocating the involvement of each individual in the community that the prevention and control of dengue is a shared responsibility in which everyone plays a role in fighting against this disease.
We have done a focus group to interview more than 15 School, College and University about knowledge of dengue. Then organize AADCEP awareness campaign in schools and universities, Dengue awareness talk with public, Dengue Prevention Program like Clean Swipe Program, Dengue Prevention Poster, Dengue Prevention Talk/Sharing, Free Dengue Test Kit, song & MV awareness. We collaborate with NGOs, Schools, College and University for brand building event for JCI KLM Jaycee and promote our dengue prevention program. Implemented integrated prevention and control programmes, including preparedness and response to outbreaks that bring together relevant government minis- tries, private sector, civil society and local communities.

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