Finalist #3 V Max Furniture Sdn Bhd

5 for LOVE, Anti COVID-19


V MAX FURNITURE SDN BHD acts as initiator to design and produce a ‘FOOT PEDAL HAND-FREE SANITIZER DISPENSER’ to be responsible for a better hand sanitation method. A no-touch sanitizing station removes the risk of unnecessary touch by using motion sensors instead of a button to deliver a powerful sanitizing solution in one quick, convenient action.
The company has launched a project title: “5 for LOVE, Anti COVID-19” to deliver foot pedal hand-free sanitizer dispenser to the primary and secondary schools in whole Malaysia. The delivery of 2,191 sets foot pedal hand-free sanitizer dispensers to 1,334 primary and secondary schools provided the extended sanitary protection for almost 600,000 students, teachers and school staffs.

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