Finalist #11 Kelab Warisan Sungai Klang

Kelantan Flood Disaster Rescue Team


Flood disaster in Kelantan during 2014-2015 affected more than 20k victims. Those who were affected by floods faced difficulties in obtaining clean water sources. A fund raising of RM170,000 generated through an East Coast Charity Run was pri- marily utilised on building long term underneath (150 feet) clean water (Boring Water) with water pumps and well, plus cash relief to several affected villages.
In total, 9 boring water & 1 well with water pumps were installed throughout the flood high risk villages. Each Boring Water & well can cater to more than 1000
villagers and provides a long term clean water source whenever the need arises. Sustainable safe water supply is the basic requirement of the living of a community and is the crucial criteria of resilience to disaster. This project helped to enhance the inclusion, resource efficiency, mitigation and adaptation to climate change, and resilience to disasters of the community.

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