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Kairos Agriculture


Kairos Agriculture has just launched the First Smart Vanilla Farm in Penang, Malaysia that adopts Agriculture 4.0 technologies including Internet of things (IOT), Big Data, AI and Ma- chine Learning and Drones. This leading Permatang Pauh Agro-Park and Integrated Eco-Farm currently sits on 2 acres of land leased from Chief Minister Incorporated (CMI) Penang at the border of Penanti Penang and Lunas Kedah, will have Vanilla as its anchor crop and complimented by other premium cash crops, herbs and spices. Kairos Agriculture adopts var- ious energy and resources-saving smart farming technologies in the farm which ranges from the chemical-free planting, recycling use of crop residue as compost, production of Efficient Microbes (EM) with the fruit waste collected from local wet market, automated irrigation sys- tem whereby the irrigation system will be activated automatically when the weather is hot and humidity is low with just a click away anytime and anywhere, rainwater harvesting system and full-LED usage in the farm.

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