Finalist #12- Deep Furniture Sdn Bhd

Deep Artspace Wood Working Centre


Muar is the foremost furniture hub in Malaysia with generating a great number of wood offcuts during the manufacturing process. Thus we had a brain-wave in which the rubber wood chips, offcuts and scrap upholstery fabric can be recycled.

In the woodwork class organized by Art Space, the participants will get to assemble, combine, pile up, stick and paint the wood in various lengths and sizes to make their one and only items for use or for fun. These unique pieces of woodwork are the great examples of how the participants give full play to their creativity.

Besides, we also hope to share the history of how Muar became “the Furniture City of Malaysia” and the manufacturing process of furniture with every visitor via its Historical Corner of Muar Furniture Industry. In order to promote the concept of PIY(Play it Your- self), Art Space organizes woodwork class for people of all races and ages, bringing

a novel relaxation to Muar. It also encourages parent-child interaction by providing an opportunity for parents and children to enjoy the hands-on activities together.

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