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Lunch Box Culture by Elianware


The lunch box culture by Elianware aims provide better quality of food packaging which contain BPA and FDA free and with the purpose of increasing awareness of public and school to the ocean pollution as meanwhile seeking collaboration with government to further the impact.

We believe that this lunch box able to help on sustainable consumption and production on avoiding the discarding of disposable plastic while reducing natural resource for single-use plastic use and degradation. Elianware lunch box material contains polypropylene transparent agent Milland NX8000 used in the product
has been proved to be able to reduce the production period by more than 10%, and the carbon dioxide can also be reduced by 10%. The international environmental protection agency also issued UL Environmental certification is given to them, proving that their production process can reduce energy consumption by 15%. In other words, this kind of lunch box is more environmentally friendly.

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