“Fight Crime Campaign for school” To create a safe and secure society.

Gamma Solution Sdn Bhd was founded in Malaysia in year 2000, in response to the growing demand for distribution of advanced security and surveillance products. Our clients’ base started from Residential, Small Medium Enterprises (SME’s), Factories and expands to Public Listed Companies, Government Departments, Banks, Hospitals, Hotels, Multi-National Companies and Financial Institutions.

Our Mission: “Fight Crime Together for a Secure Society”. We focus in Digital Security and Surveillance (DSS) solution with built-in Video Analytics, License Plate and Facial Recognition, integrated Access Control, Center Monitoring System …etc. with business covers Malaysia and Southeast Asia region.

We are honor to be part of Intel Embedded Partner and Affiliate Member of Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance. Besides that, we are also Western Digital Premium Partner in Enterprise Storage. In recent years, we are expanding into IoT Solutions in Artificial Intelligent with deep learning and Big Data Analysis.

Gamma Solution Sdn Bhd
Project Description
In view of alarming trend of student being kidnapped, Gamma Solution has initiated Fight Crime Campaign for School funded by Gamma Solution, Intel and Western Digital to secure 100 Primary Schools in Malaysia with installation of Megapixels IP Surveillance System.
The campaign was supported by former Deputy Education Minister Datuk Chong Sin Woon and PDRM. The objective of this program is to reduce crime, prevent kidnap attempt and protect safety of student. High Definition Megapixels IP cameras installed at school entrance, students pickup and drop-off areas are targeted to capture video footages clearly for future reference. We collaborated with PDRM for a Crime Prevention Handbook to every student to enhance security awareness. Each qualified school entitled with 4x 2-4Megapixels IP cameras, TITANUS 16ch Intel NVR with WD 4TB HDD for video recording, 21” Full HD Monitor complete with wiring, surge protection and installation works.
There is Emergency Panic for guard could trigger emergency response to notify school management in the event of urgent assistance is required.
Project Result
The Megapixels IP Surveillance System provide a clear and sharp video recording for schools and all activities and incidents happened will be captured and all faces and car plates will be identified easily. There were two crime cases being reported to us where snatching and kidnapping attempts happened in the schools. Our Megapixels IP Surveillance System has recorded the incidents clearly and important video footages were sent to police authorities.
We have received Platinum Award from The Star Outstanding Business Award 2017 (SOBA) under “Best In CSR” category.
What impact has this project created in the community / nation?
There are 2 major parts -Tools to Fight Crime and Awareness in Crime Prevention. Besides being provided surveillance equipment, every students and teachers brought home with Crime Prevention HandBook and this create another positive impact to their family in how to prevent crime and kidnapping. We strongly believe prevention very important, only through proper education and sharing from parents to children about security and safety awareness, we can reduce crimes and prevent tragedy from happen to us.
How has this project help to advance the chosen SDG?
For us, CSR not just contributing CASH to society, but we should able utilize our strength & expertise to help our community and make country a better place. We agreed Sustainable goal whereby a successful CSR will not end after completion but able to carry on by itself or able to further enhance. We expert in security, we know our strength and products well & to implement our CSR by maximise the capability of our solution in most cost-effective. After program completed, our system continues for years to protect student & Hand Book continue educate next generations about Security and Safety.
The tagline for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) is “Leaving No One Behind.” explain how your project helps to realize the commitment of UNSDGs for the future.
Our business focus in Digital Security & Surveillance, we witnessed the transformation from Analog to Digital but throughout the past 18 years, some tragedies happens repeatedly in our society.

We must utilize our expertise & knowledge to protect our children at school. Hence, we called for an internal meeting, we set the budget, we seek for fund support from Principal, we met PDRM & Deputy Minister of Education for consent, finally we started this Campaign. We were not just sponsored equipment, but our team also involved in system design, implementation, training, wiring & installation throughout Malaysia.

Besides Hardware, deterrent & prevention equally important. We asked school share news to parents about the HD CCTV protection meanwhile we distribute 100,000 copies of Crime Prevention HandBook to raise security awareness among students & parents.

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