Durian for a Cause

This project is to raise awareness in a charitable work by means of a All You Can Eat Durian Buffet where proceeds went to 3 beneficiaries. It was a great turnout from various background durian lovers. We managed to raise a substantial amount to Pusat Jagaan Kanak-Kanak, Klang, The Shepherd, Rawang and Shepherd’s Centre Foundation, Rawang.It gave the volunteers and participants a sense of giving, determination and motivation. It encouraged them to understand the importance of CSR projects. We created awareness in our community to give and at the same time enjoyed themselves at the event. Apart from that, it gave our beneficiaries a helping hand in providing food and necessities to the children and individuals from the proceeds.

We partnered with our durian suppliers and a few bloggers. They helped encourage the crowd to participate in the buffet as well as on-the-spot donations. We also collaborated with Tropical Charters Sdn Bhd by means of a sponsorship for a small contest during the event to make it more fun for our guests. We end hunger not only with food but also by monetary to help our beneficiaries to maintain their expenses so those in

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